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Bejon Misra, Founder and Director of Partnership for Safe Medicines India, speaks about the organization, its accomplishments in 2013-2014, and its future plans.


  • 1. PSM Indiawww.safemedicinesindia.inBejon Misra, FounderDirector

2. PSM IndiaMission Committed to the safety of prescription drugsand protecting consumers against spurious,counterfeit, falsified, substandard or otherwiseunsafe medicinesVision Just One Unsafe Medicine Threatens PatientSafety we all must work together to educateand to help protect patients in India andaround the globe 3. PSM International Principles forDrug SafetySecure and protect the supply chainRegulate online drug sellersUnify the fight against counterfeit drugs123 4. PSM Indias Efforts Successful partnerships including all levels of Indiangovernment across various Ministries and States Indian pharmaceutical industry buy-in Public education campaign with regular Newsletter,dynamic website and toll-free 24/7 Helpline 5. PSM India: Results Indian consumers finally have the ability to educatethemselves on the dangers of fake medicines Indian government is more aware of risks and morewilling to crack down on counterfeit producers Recognised as trusted partner in the pharmaceuticalsector on patient safety and quality medicines 6. PSM India in 2014 Collaborating with PSM China, PSM Board membersand senior Ministry Officials to exchange best practices Government of India invited PSM as implementingpartner in research studiesExample: Audit of drugs bound for export forcompliance with 2D barcoding regulation 7. PSM/Board membersadvising new Modigovernment on health-relatedissues including safemedicines PSM outreach extended topharmacovigilance Expanded programs withState drug regulatoryofficialsPSM India in 2014 8. PSM India: The Future How to procure safe medicines (generic & branded)from secure sources Educate consumers to report adverse drug reactions Strengthen the national pharmacovigilance system Create champions as whistleblowers to reportunethical practices and expose the culprits 9. Consumer Empowerment is the KeyDemo manufacturerauthenticatesgenuine pack ofXXXX. Batch No.XXXX Thank you forverifying your