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Round 1 of prototyping for interactive portion of Volcanolgy News


  • Maketa MabaneThesis Statement

    I am exploring the various complexities exploring volcanoes through creating an educational and inter-

    active tool that explains volcanology and disaster preparedness in novel way that has not yet been undertaken.

    My initial reaction to the tools that currently present online is that this subject isnt greatly funded, and pre-

    sented in the proper manner that would allow people to learn, interact, and prepare in an engaging and prac-

    tical way. Through my thesis, I want to achieve clarity through information design, informative well-designed

    tools that will breathe new life into this subject in the multi-media world.

    I am researching this by engaging in an ongoing dialog with volcanologists and geologists to better gage

    what they perceive the needs to be in educating a population about volcanoes and the potential harm that they

    can cause people and society. Some of the overarching questions that I am focusing on are: What do you think

    is lacking in disaster preparedness? As an expert, what is it that you desire to come to fruition from this proj-

    ect, and projects like it? What are your current thoughts on websites/articles/journals that focus on volcanoes?

    What would you change? Where do you see room for improvement? Questions such as these will help me

    shape my thesis in a thoughtful way that is informed from an experts perspective.

    Another methodology that I am using for my thesis is prior to my interviews with professionals as well as

    ongoing is absorbing as much data and research that is available on,,, and Bob-

    cat/NYU Library as possible. It is important to understand what is truly there so I can better judge what I wish

    to include and how I want to present it.

    I see my thesis taking these primary forms such as a journal, website, and an application for Android and

    iPhone devices. I want to utilize my education at Parsons at The New School to explore this fascinating diverse

    topic through these different mediums; and exploit them to their full potential. Although these are the main

    deliverables that I am producing, I am considering doing a huge installation of information design piece that

    will serve as the launch for Volcanology Journal.

    The outcomes of my thesis are to bring proper attention to volcanology as a valid, intriguing field, to

    produce beautiful work that truly engages and teaches the audience in a way that other precedents does not,

    and most importantly to provided an additional resource about volcanoes and disaster preparedness. I see this

    project not as final part of my career at Parsons, rather a meaningful first step into my future as a service de-



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