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This is a presentation on the story of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) useful for teaching to younger children.


<p>The Story of Prophet Ibrahimpeace be upon him</p> <p>Ibrahim, known as Khalilullah (friend of Allah), lived in the country south of present day Iraq (maybe 4000 years ago). His father, Azar, used to make idols and sell them. The people of the area used to worship these idols, which they had made themselves, in a temple. Ibrahim was an intelligent young man. It was strange for him to see people bowing down before stone idols which could neither move nor talk. They could not even drive away the flies which sat on their eyes and noses. Ibrahim wondered why people were so foolish to worship such powerless statues.</p> <p>Ibrahim enquiring mind was in search of Allah. He thought and thought. It occurred to him that the shining moon might be his Lord. But when the moon vanished he said to himself, No, a vanishing thing cannot be my Lord. He looked at the sun and said, It is the biggest and it is my Lord. But when the sun also went down, Ibrahim said to himself, No, this cannot be my Lord. He came to the conclusion that only the Ever-lasting, Ever-present and Allknowing Almighty can be his Lord. The stars, the moon and the sun cannot be the Lord (Quran 6:7679).</p> <p>Ibrahim once asked his father, 0 my father, why do you worship idols which can neither speak nor hear? Azar became angry and warned Ibrahim not to ask such questions. Ibrahim wished he could show his people the stupidity of worshipping idols.</p> <p>He thought of an idea which would give the people a practical lesson. Once, when people were busy celebrating a festival, Ibrahim went to the temple where the idols were kept. He asked the idols, How do you do? Here is food and drink. Why dont you help yourselves? The stone idols were silent, of course.</p> <p>Ibrahim now took an axe and began to break all the idols except the biggest which he spared for a purpose. .When he had finished, he left the axe hanging round the neck of the biggest idol (21:58). On their return from the festival, people came to the temple to worship the idols and were astonished to see the pitiful condition of their gods. They were shocked, grieved and furious. Who has done this mischief? they asked themselves.</p> <p>They thought of Ibrahim, the only one who talked disrespectfully about the idols. They confronted Ibrahim, asking Who broke the idols? Ibrahim calmly replied, Ask the biggest one. The people knew that the idols could not talk. They said, 0 Ibrahim, dont you know that the idols cant talk? Ibrahim retorted, Why do you worship them, then? They cant talk, move or understand anything. Why do you ask them for favour? The people had no answer. They were sure that it was Ibrahim who broke the idols. They could not let the matter rest easily. They called a meeting and decided to burn Ibrahim alive. They had to defend their gods (Quran 21:5968).</p> <p>However, Ibrahim was favoured by Allah, so nothing could harm him as he had done the right thing. A big fire was prepared and Ibrahim was thrown into it. But a miracle happened! The fire did not burn him. Allah protected him.</p> <p>People were amazed to see it and they could not believe their eyes. But it was so. Ibrahim was safe and his persecutors felt sad and helpless (Quran 21:6970).</p> <p>ACTIVITY: QUIZWhat is Prophet Ibrahim called by Question Allah?What did Prophet Ibrahim think about Question the moon and sun?</p> <p>What did Prophet Where was Prophet Ibrahims people Question Question Ibrahim from? worship? What did Prophet What did the Ibrahim do to the people ask Prophet Question Question idols in the temple? Ibrahim? What was the How did the people try toQuestion punish Prophet miracle that saved Question Ibrahim? Prophet Ibrahim?</p> <p>Why didnt the people believe Question Prophet Ibrahim?</p> <p>Prophet Ibrahim Song Prophet Ibrahim had seven </p> <p>children Seven children had Prophet Ibrahim Some of them are black Some of them are white And all of them are beautiful.</p> <p>1. Raise your left2. Stomp your right3. Stomp your left4. Nod your head5. Shake your hips6. Turn around7. Sit down</p>