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<ul><li> 1. 1</li></ul><p> 2. PROPER SUNNIBELIEFSTranslated through the blessings ofGhaus-ul-Waqt Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam Hind By a humble servant of ALLAAHMuhammad Afthab Cassim Razvi Noori PUBLISHED FOR FREE DISTRIBUTION By Imam Mustafa Raza Research CentreDurban (South Africa) 2 3. ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDNo part of this publication ay be produced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical photocopying or otherwise without the prior permission of the Copyright Owner.First Edition: 1000 COPIESIslamic Date : RAJAB 1429English Date : JULY / AUGUST 2008 The Publishers / Copyright OwnersImam Mustafa Raza Research CentreP.O. Box 70140, Overport, 4067 Durban, South AfricaVisit our Offices at:Suite 9, Atomic Centre, 275 Sparks Rd, Overport, Durban Tel/Fax: 031 2081045Email: noori@noori.orgWebsite: Office HoursMonday to Thursday 8:00am to 4:00pm (Closed on Friday) Saturday: 9:30am to 1:30pm CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS A NOBLE CAUSE:Our Banking Details are as follows for those brothers and sisters who Wish to contribute towards our work NAME: IMAM MUSTAFA RAZA RESEARCH CENTREBANK: NEDBANKACCOUNT NO: 2034044606BRANCH: SYDENHAM CODE: 103409 SPONSOR THE PRINTING OF A BOOKContact us if you wish to sponsor the printing of a book for the Esaale Sawaab of the marhooms in your family. Sponsor the printing of a bookand send the sawaab to your marhoom family members. This is Sawaab-e- Jaariyah and a means of educating the Ummat. Knowledge is Power!3 4. Contents* Dedication* Introduction1. Almighty Allaah is free from all defects2. Allaahs Knowledge of the Unseen3. Rasoolullah is Noor4. Rasoolullah is the Most Unique Human Being5. The Blessed Face of the Prophet6. The Blessed Saliva of the Prophet7. The Blessed Perspiration of the Holy Prophet8. Intercession of the Holy Prophet9. Permissibility of Keeping the Names Ghulaam Mustafa Etc.10. The Prophet Hears from Great Distances11. Seeking Assistance from the Awliyah Allaah12. The Prophet Is Our Benefactor13. Wasila (Mediation)14. The Teacher of the Entire Creation15. Allaah Alone is the Teacher of the Prophet16. The Deceased are able to hear17. Permissibility of Reciting Zikr aloud after Salaah18. Permissibility of Dua after Janaaza Salaah19. Permissibility of Kissing the Hands and Feet of the Pious20. Permissibility of Celebrating Meelad-Un-Nabi21. Permissibility of Setting Aside Days22. Permissibility of Khatam Shareef23. Proclaiming Ya Sheikh Abdal Qaadir Jilani Shaian Lillah24. Permissibility of Reciting Durood before and After Azaan25. Permissibility of Kissing the Thumbs26. The Beloved Prophet Is Alive27. The Prophet is Mercy unto the Worlds28. The Prophet is Haazir and Naazir29. The Prophets Ilm-E-Ghaib (Knowledge of the Unseen)30. Rasoolullah Has Knowledge of This World and the Hereafter* Munajaat4 5. DEDICATION I dedicate this humble effort to:* The Mujaddid Of The 14th Century Imam-E-Ahle Sunnat Ala HazratAsh Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khanwhose radiance of Knowledgeand Roohaniyat has and will continue to enlighten the hearts ofmillions throughout the Globe until The Last Day. The personality whostood firm in his battle against those who insulted the Prophet and indoing so he protected the Imaan of the believers until the Last Day* The Representative and Beloved Son of the Great Mujaddid, HujjatulIslam Hazrat Allama Haamid Raza Khanwhose beauty andeloquence saw no equal in his era, who in knowledge, wisdom and wayof life, was the ideal example of a true and sincere servant ofALLAAH...* The Ghaus of the Era, Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam Hind Ash Shah ImamMustafa Raza Khan , whose spiritualism and excellence attractedmillions of Muslims from all over the world, filling their hearts withtrue love for the Holy Prophet . That personality who in his 92 yearsin this world spent every moment for the pleasure of Allaah and HisBeloved Rasool* Taajush Shariah, Rahbar-e-Tareeqat Allama Mufti MohammedAkhtar Raza Khan Qaadri Azhari &amp; Muhadith-e-Kabeer, Mumtaz-ul-Fuqaha Hazrat Allama Zia-ul-Mustafa Qadri Amjadi, who haveboth guided us in the love of our Great Mashaikh. May Allaah blessthem both with long life and good health and keep us in shade of theirblessings forever. Aameensag-e-MUFTI-E-AZAMMuhammad Afthab Cassim Razvi Noori5 6. INTRODUCTIONAll Praise is due to Almighty Allaah who created the Holy ProphetMuhammad Mustafa in the best of forms and sent him as Mercyunto the worlds. Peace, blessings and salutations upon the MostExalted of Allaahs Creation, The One who will open the doors ofintercession, The True Mediator, The seal of Prophets, The Mercyunto the worlds, The Light of Allaah, The Leader of the Prophets,The One who was granted the Divine Vision, The One in whose handhas been given the treasures of the knowledge of the universe, TheBeloved of Allaah, Our Master and our Beloved Rasool, HazratMuhammad , whose Noor is the light of our hearts, and whose lovedraws us closer towards our Creator Allaah Almighty.Peace and blessings upon his Noble and Honourable Family whoselove is essential upon us all, and upon his illustrious companionswho guide us through the darkness of this world. Peace andblessings upon the Aima-e-Mujtahideen, who have with theirknowledge and wisdom made easy for us the understanding of thelaws of Allaah and His Rasool . Peace and blessings upon theAwliyah-e-Kaamileen, whose rays of spiritualism enhances ourspirituality, thus bringing us closer to the Court of the Holy Prophet. Peace and blessings upon the Ulama-e-Haq who have guided usrighteously on the path of the pious predecessors. Peace andblessings upon all those who will follow the way of righteousnessuntil the last day.Alhumdulillah, before you is a book called Proper Sunni Beliefs.This book deals with numerous topics related to the Aqida (TrueBelief) of the Ahl-e-Sunnat Wa Jamaat and it also refutes the corruptbeliefs of the wahabis, deobandis, gheyr muqallids and other corruptsects who try to corrupt the hearts and minds of the Ahle Sunnat withtheir false and corrupt ideologies. Most of the information in thisdocument has been translated from the book; Ahle Sunnat WaJamaat Kaun by Maulana Ziaullah Qadri. I read this book manyyears ago and found it very imformative and I had initially translated 6 7. it many years ago but being a very swift translation, I had not foundtime to revise the document and have it prepared for publication.Alhumdulillah, I have now revised the entire document andsimplified whatever needed to be easily understood and also includednotes to further explain any topic needed further explanation.This book simply explains numerous topics relating to the practicesof the Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaat and alhumdulillah I am sure it willserve as a means of much knowledge for those who study it with asincere heart. I also make sincere dua that it is a means of rectifyingmisconceptions held by those who are confused or have been misledregarding certain issues. This books also proves without any doubtthat the true Ahle Sunnat wa Jamaat are those who believe sincerelyand accept those issues and all other related issues discusses here. Inother words, to accept Allaah and His Rasool and to believe ineverything related to Allaah and His Rasool in totality.I make sincere dua that Almighty Allaah accepts this humble effortin His Majestic Court through the wasila of our Master HazratMuhammad . I sincerely make dua that Almighty Allaah keeps usfirm in Imaan and protects our Imaan from the corrupt thoughts andideas of all corrupt sects. AameenI must thank all those who have assisted in any way possible inmaking the publishing of this book a success. Special thanks to HajeeMohammed Amod and Brother Abdur Rasheed for the lenghty hoursspent in printing and setting this book. Special thanks to BrotherRafik Abdul Gaffar (Bakali) for his kind contribution towards theprinting of this book and Brother Zainul Abideen Hoosen for readingthrough this document and making valuable suggestions. MayAlmighty Allaah grant him and all those who assisted us in any waypossible with Saadat-e-Daarain. AameenSag-e-MUFTI-E-AZAMMuhammad Afthab Cassim Razvi NooriRajab 1429 / July 20087 8. Almighty Allaah Is Free From All DefectsIt is the belief of the Ahle Sunnat wa Jamaat that Almighty Allaahdoes not lie and He does not possess the power of telling a lie. Allaahis free from all defects and those things which lead to defects.Almighty Allaah says in the Holy Quran, And whose word is more truthful than that of Allaah?[Surah Nisa Verse.122] And whose word is more truthful than the word of Allaah.[Surah Nisa Verse.87]Imam-ul-Mufassireen, Imam Fakhrudeen Raazi states:It is not permissible for any Muslim to even think that Allaah cantell a lie. Actually to even think such a thought removes one from thefolds of Imaan. [Tafseer Kabeer Vol.5 Pg.179]He further mentions: 8 9. To be truthful is from amongst the Attributes of Allaah. Theevidence for this is that to tell a lie is a defect for Allaah and forAllaah to have any defect is Muhaal (Totally impossible) [TafseerKabeer Vol.4 - Pg.138]Umdatul Mufasireen Imaam Abdur Rahmaan Baidhawi states: A lie cannot find any place in the Message of Allaah, as it is adefect and to have a defect Muhaal for Allaah. [Tafseer BaidhawiPg.150]Zubdatul Mufassireen Allama Ali bin Muhammad Khaazin states:(The point to be mentioned) is the fact that there is none moretruthful than Allaah and He does not go against His Word and it istotally impossible for Allaah to lie [Tafseer Khaazin Vol.1 Pg.421]Allama Khateeb Muhammad bin Sharbeeni (Alaihir Rahma) states: 9 10. The above command of Almighty Allaah is sufficient evidence thatit is Muhaal (totally impossible) for there to be a lie in the Message ofAllaah. [Tafseer Sirajum Muneer Vol.1 Pg.73]Allama Muhammad bin Abdullah Tamrtaashi states:To say that Allaah has the ability of tyranny, lies and ignorance istotally incorrect as it is an impossibility. The reason for this isbecause that which is Muhaal (totally impossible) cannot be acceptedto be within the power of Almighty Allaah. [eg. the creation ofanother Allaah which is definitely Muhaal] and according to theMutazillas (another corrupt sect firqa), He has the power but doesnot do so (Allaah forbid) [Tanweer ul Absaar]It is in Fatawa Alamgiri:Any person who says Allaah to possess a certain attribute which isnot worthy of His Being,or says Allaah Taaala to be weary or to have some weakness, thensuch a person committed kaafir. [Fatawa Alamgiri Vol.2 Pg.258]10 11. Allama Muhammad bin Ali Qaari (Alaihir Rahma) states:One must not think that Allaah has power over tyranny since this isMuhaal for Allaah and that which is Muhaal is not under theQudrat (Power) of Allaah. The Mutazillas however believes thatAllaah has this power and does not do it. [Sharah Fiqh Akbar]Note: This belief of the Mutazillas is absolutely corrupt andunacceptable.Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf Thaani Sheikh Ahmad Sarhindi Faarooqi states: That Most Exalted ONE (Allaah) is free and pure from alldefects, direction and limitations. [Maktoobat Vol.1 -Page.314]Allaahs Knowledgeof the UnseenIt is the belief of the Ahle Sunnat wa Jamaat that the knowledge ofunseen which is by Almighty Allaah is His Self (unattained)Knowledge and He does not gain it from anyone.This is known as Ilm-e-Zaati. Almighty Allaah says in the HolyQuraan:Allaah is He, besides whom there is none worthy of worship. (Heis)the Knower of every hidden and visible thing. It is He who is the 11 12. Compassionate, Most Merciful. [Surah Hashr Verse.22]The Knower of everything hidden and apparent, The Greatest, TheMost Supreme. [Surah Ar Raad Verse.9]Undoubtedly You alone are the Knower of all that is unseen. [Surah Al Maadah Verse.109]One must note the important fact, that Allaah does not attainknowledge from anyone, for His knowledge is ilm-e-Zaati, in otherwords, His Self Knowledge. To enquire would prove that He does notpossess Divine Self knowledge. To believe that Almighty Allaahenquires from anyone is total kufr and against the Quraan and theHadith. RasoolullahIs NoorTeri Nasle Paak me he bacha bacha Noor kaToo he Aine Noor tera sub gharana Noor kaThe Aqida (belief) of the Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaat is that the Prophet(Sall Allaahu alaihi wasallam) is Noor (Light) and came to us in theform of a man. Even though he came towards us in a human form, he isAfdalul Bashr (The most superior human).It should be noted that originality does not change by the changing of agarb. Hazrat Jibraeel Ameen (Alaihis Salaam) is Noor but whenappeared before Hazrat Maryam he would appear to her in the form ofhuman.12 13. Concerning this Almighty Allaah states in the Holy Quraan:Thus he appeared to her in the form of a healthy (well built) man[Surah Maryam Verse.17]It is in Mishkaat Shareef on the authority of the Second Khalifa ofIslam Hazrat Umar Farouk . He states: Once we were in the Holy Court of the Prophet and a man appeared.The Holy Prophet Muhammad asked Hazrat Umar Faroukif herecognised the person and Hazrat Umar Farouk said AlmightyAllaah and His beloved Rasool know better. The Prophet said,It is Jibraeel (Alaihis Salaam). [Mishkaat-ul-Masabih Pg.11 -Bukhari Shareef]It is obvious that the Sahaba referred to Hazrat Jibraeel (AlaihisSalaam) as a man since they had seen him in the form of a humanbeing. He had black hair, hands, legs, eyes, ears and a nose. All theseare human qualities, yet it is obvious that he is not human but an Angelwho is Noor, and just appeared to them in the form of a man.13 14. It is a well known fact to the people of knowledge that in the Hadith ithas been narrated on numerous occasssions about how Hazrat Jibraeel(Alaihis Salaam) presented himself in the Holy Court of the HolyProphet Muhammad as a human.On many instances he came in the form of Sahabi-e- Rasool HazratDahia Kalbi .The Holy Prophet Muhammadhas stated,The very first creation which Almighty Allaah created was myNoor. [Tafseer Nayshapuri Pg. 55 Vol.8 - Tafseer Roohul BayaanPg.548 Vol.1 - Zurqaani Shareef Pg.37 Vol.1 - Madarijun NabuiwaPg.2 Vol.2 - Bayaanul Milaadun Nabwi Li ibn Jauzi Pg.24]The Distinguished Sahabi-e-RasoolHazrat Jaabirrespectfullyenquired from the Holy Prophet ,O Prophet of Allaah , my parents be sacrificed upon you. What isthe first thing which Almighty Allaah created before everythingelse?The Holy Prophet Muhammadreplied,14 15. O Jaabir ! Undoubtedly, before creating anything else, AlmightyAllaah created the Noor of your Nabi from His Noor [MawahibulLaduniyah Shareef Pg.9 Vol.1 - Zurqaani Shareef Pg.46 Vol.1 Seerat-e-Halbia Pg.37 Vol.1 - Sharah Dalailul Kheyraat Pg.210 Hujatullaahi alal Alameen Pg.28 - Anwaarul Muhammadiya Pg.9 -Fatawa Hadeethia Pg.51]The annotator of Bukhari Imam Ahmad Qastalaaniin his mostdistinguished work Mustataab Mawahibul Laduniyah presents anarration on the authority of Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen whonarrates from His father Hazrat Imam Husain who narrates from Hisfather Hazrat Ali Mushkil Kusha that the Holy Prophet...</p>