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  • 1. On my bedside table: Professional Books 2013-2014 Recommended reads from friends, colleagues and my recent workshop gurus.
  • 2. My current rst read of the new school year, this book is helping me value my role as a salesman in todays consumer driven system. Who arent I trying to sell an idea to? Parents, teachers, students... my daughter.There are tools in here to help me.
  • 3. Finding out how to reach all students is the essence of our job.This book was recommended as a brain- based approach which can give us new techniques to consider.
  • 4. Teaching human beings is what we do. Knowing what makes them tick could be the difference between success and failure.
  • 5. Used with rave reviews by a school administrative team to build a culture of positive change at their school, this might be the most important book I read all year.
  • 6. Because I am not a natural protocol user and because you can never have enough of them in your tool-kit.
  • 7. The book behind the inspired (and so funny) TEDtalk: shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_wor k.html. I cant wait to nd out how to be happier and more productive at the same time.
  • 8. Cautionary tales, fairytales and fables in the workplace.This should be a great read all about what NOT to do when leading a team.
  • 9. A solid, important, serious read for all administrators. It might be rst on my list.
  • 10. A colleague suggested this text as a sure-re way to improve my ability to speak clearly and coherently in front of a group. Something Ive learned even the best practice.
  • 11. Another whole-leadership team read. This book is said to inspire the group to focus on what is most important for the whole school.