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Producing a film review

Producing a film review RUKAYYAH ROBUN

During my research f film reviews I decided on the basic frame I wanted to follow whilst making my own.This is what the layout appeared like in InDesign before added text images and other features.I felt this layout was conventional of a review and it had a clear, easy to navigate look. Composition

After I had decided on a layout I needed to write the article. I followed a simple structure of an introductrary passage, a summary of the films plot (not revealing the conclusion), a further look into mise en scene, analysis of the title and finally when the film is due to be released.The review amounted to 613 words along with two star ratings from newspapers who frequently comment upon the independent arts The Independent and The Daily Mail. The written review

Once I was happy with the layout and the read of the review I decided to place the two together to see how this would look in an A5 pamphlet. I was concerned that the font being 12 may look too big on an A3 spread so I decided the best place for my review would be in a small A5 informative booklet.I found having the text all on one level looked smart and sophisticated, however I knew it would be beneficial to alter the text composition once I had placed images down. Adding the text

This was one of the images I decided I wanted to appear on the review. I found the facial expressions of Dave representative of his role in the film- worried, concerned. As well as this I found the framing of the image effective as it is a medium shot of both Ellie and her father, showing the film is mainly about their relationship. Here I am editing the colour in the image in Photoshop before placing it on InDesign, I added a warm tone as I felt this would represent a theme of home. After seeing the image in the size I needed it in InDesign I felt it lacked substance and so found another image to work with.This image of Sandy and Ellie I felt was a powerful one as it gave the connotation of illness- a main theme in the film.Also the way Ellie is looking up to Sandy, an elder character, would show the significance of age in short film and how often it is an older wiser female character that resolves situations. In Photoshop I am here editing the contrast of the image as I felt there were some vibrant colours not being brought out as well as they could be. By moving the contrast I was able to emphasise certain colours like the blue and grey without adding yellow tints to the characters skin which would change if I altered the saturation.

Adding images


Now with the text and images in place I decided to add a pull quote. A pull quote is a small quote from a large piece of text that draws the audience in by its opinion or information. I created a new text box and typed in my quote, then by making it two sizes larger It made the quote stand out above the smaller text, finally I added a blue lining around the text which was the same colour as the title of the film. Then I used this tool to wrap the surrounding text around the new text box to create a pull quote effect.

Pull quotes

Above the title and below the magazine title there was a small gap that I wanted to fill in order to keep the flow of the page.I decided to add a key details box that included the running time, some of the filming locations and some key short film sites the reader could use to access my short film. Similar to the title I decided to make the text bold and with a red outline. By using this distinctive feature it would seem like a recurring feature of film review pages and therefore gives the page a more realistic look. By using this drop down feature I was able t change the colour of the outline of the text. Information box

This is my final film review. Im pleased with final product as I think it follows the main conventions of a film review alike the large image and text in columns. Furthermore, it has a continuing theme throughout using features from the magazines theme and the films identifiable colours. I may choose to add another information box above the title to discuss the first showing.

Final film review