problem-solving identified change - elements in the ela classroom principal session 4

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Problem-Solving Identified Change - Elements in the ELA Classroom

Problem-Solving Identified Change - Elements in the ELA ClassroomPrincipal Session 412Live Tweeting @ NTIWe will be live tweeting throughout the week! Follow us:@EngageNY@JohnKingNYSED

Join in the fun and use this hashtag: #NTIny

23Purpose of this SessionParticipants will be able to identify solutions to assist teachers in providing ELA lessons that engage students in doing the thinking in the classroom. 34Welcome Back!Introduce yourselves: name, school, roleDiscuss: Describe the best example of student engagement in an ELA classroom that you have observed since the school year began.

4How to Make a SwitchDirect the RiderFollow the bright spotsScript the critical movesPoint to the destinationMotivate the ElephantFind the feelingShrink the changeGrow your peopleShape the PathTweak the environmentBuild habitsRally the herd

55Pattern of Change Clear DirectionAmple MotivationSupportive Environment

66Define Change ElementsWho are your riders?Who are your elephants?What part of the path needs shaping?77ActivityChoose a situation that best fits your school:The ELA environment has shifted, and my ELA department needs to overcome our old patterns of behavior.My ELA teachers keep saying, It will never work. My ELA teachers were excited at first, but then we hit some rough patches and lost momentum.

88ActivityIn your groups, each person take 1-2 minutes to share why you chose this statement.Review the advice given to this type of situation.In sub-groups or pairs, share how the advice helps or doesnt help.Create a solution statement that addresses your situation.What are you doing that is working; what needs to be added; what do you need to stop doing?9910Q & A

1011Discussion and Reflection11Pulse Check 12