prj566 project planning & management dependencies, network diagrams & critical path

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  • PRJ566 Project Planning & ManagementDependencies, Network Diagrams & Critical Path

  • AgendaWhere are we?Network DiagramsCritical Path

  • Where are we?Identified work breakdown structure (WBS) activities and tasksEstimated tasksAssigned resourcesAssigned dependencies

  • AgendaWhere are we?Network DiagramsCritical Path

  • Network DiagramA pictorial representation of the sequence in which the project work can be doneShows the relationships (dependencies) between tasks

  • Network DiagramWhat order to I do these tasks in?

  • Network Diagram

  • Network Diagram = Gantt Chart

  • AgendaWhere are we?Network DiagramsCritical Path

  • Critical PathA Network Diagram is a tool for identifying all the possible paths through a project. The paths are dictated by the dependencies. To determine critical path in a network diagram, identify all the possible paths through the network diagram and add up the durations of the activities that lie along those paths.The path with the longest duration time is the critical path.

  • Critical PathGiven a list of tasks and dependencies as shown below, a network diagram can be constructed.

    Task IDDescriptionDurationPredecessor0Start0None1Find Client3 days02Find System2 days03Gather Requirements6 days1,24Create Use Case Diagram2 days35Create Use Case Descriptions5 days36Review with User1 day1,4

  • Network Diagram

  • Slack/Float timeNeed to understand the slack time of an activity.Slack time:The difference between the late finish and early finish of an activity.

  • Network DiagramIf task 1 above takes 3 days and task 2 takes 2 days, then there is 1 day of slack (free slack).

  • Calculating Critical PathTo calculate critical path:Total the durations of every path.Largest value is the critical path.

  • Critical Pathd1.1 11.2 21.3 11.4 31.5 12.1 22.2 12.3 12.4 2 durationslack

  • Calculating Critical PathCritical Path!


  • Critical Path1.1 11.2 21.3 11.4 31.5 12.1 22.2 12.3 12.4 2Task 1.2 can slip by 1 day;Task 1.3 can slip by 2 daysTask 2.2 can slip by 1 day;Task 2.3 can slip by 1 daydurationslack

  • Critical PathFortunately MSProject automatically calculates the Critical Path. Once you know which tasks are on the Critical Path, you can track these tasks very closely.Once you create your Gantt Chart in MSProject, click on Format, Gantt Chart Wizard and select Critical Path and then finish. MSProject formats your project plan to show the Critical Path in Gantt Chart view.The Critical Path is automatically calculated!

  • Critical PathLongest duration pathSequence of tasks whose early and late dates are the sameSequence of tasks with zero slackDrives the completion date of the project

  • Critical PathThe Critical Path tells you what tasks are critical. In other words, if you change the duration or start and end date of the task on the critical path, it will affect the completion date.

  • Critical Path Sample Gantt Chart



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