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    Purity of one's intention is a pre-requisite for the acceptance of any work by Allah.

    Review your intention from time to time, and do a reality check of yourself.

    Fulfillment of purpose comes only with pure intention.


    The sense of worship in everything that you do is the foundation for excellence.

    The Prophet (peace be upon him) has taught us that even the most mundane of tasks can be an act of Ibaadah.

    Be like the Prophet Ibrahim, whose first prayer upon raising the walls of the Ka'bah was "Our Lord, accept this from us. Verily you are the Hearer, Knower."


    Building consensus, even if it may be against your own wishes. If you feel strongly about something, make every effort to convey this to others, using the Islamic etiquette.

    If the majority is not with you, do not consider it a defeat; rather a triumph of the process of Shura.

    When consensus has been reached, and a decision made, it is an obligation to abide by it.


    Brotherhood is one of the most important components of Islamic work.

    A failure to develop, strengthen and maintain brotherhood is an immense failure of the group, despite other dazzling achievements.

    Love your brother, and in his weaknesses see a reflection of your own weaknesses.

    Do not insult or revile him, or treat him with contempt. Perhaps your patience with him may be a cause for you to enter paradise.


    Sound advice benefits both the giver and the recipient.

    Sound advice must be given with a sense of humility and a deep conviction that the advice is good.

    "Talking down" to your brother, focusing on his weaknesses and publicly humiliating him are not traits of the sincere believer.


    Obedience to authority is a basic Islamic principle

    By Ta'ah we do not mean the kind of blind obedience given to a leader; rather, it is following a course of action that has been deemed best for the group and decided through Shuraa

    Undermining authority only causes grief and chaos within the community

    Differences of opinion must be approached with civility, humility and through the right channels


    Striving for perfection is a fundamental concept of the Quranic paradigm

    Ihsaan encompasses both spiritual and worldly matters whether it is prayer or setting up this venue for an event

    Ihsaan is not only perfection in the execution of tasks it is also perfection in mannerism, attitude and behaviour!


    An objective evaluation of yourself, your motives and the quality of your work.

    Accept criticism from others its good for your soul.

    Be positive and embrace any opportunity for improvement.

  • TAWAKKULThe ultimate test of ones belief is complete

    trust in AllahVerily Allah loves those who put their trust in

    HimTrust is different from being complacent.

    One must strive with everything humanly possible while putting ones trust in Allah for a positive outcome

    Trusting others and thinking positively about them is a prerequisite of team work


    To provide ease and facilitate things for others is a quality of the believer

    Make things easy and do not make things difficult is a prophetic maxim

    Leniency is also a prophetic trait: It was by Allahs mercy that you (o Muhammad) was lenient with them Quran

    Avoiding extremism is an element of Tayseer