presenting yourself on the uc freshman application & personal statement fall 2013

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  • Presenting Yourself on the UC Freshman Application &Personal StatementFall 2013

  • OverviewTips for CounselorsStudent PreparationComprehensive Review of the ApplicationFilling Out the Application BasicsThe Importance of Accurate DetailsThe Personal StatementSubmitting the Application

  • Tips for CounselorsCreate your own applicationYearly improvements to the online application make it easier to completeApplication questions are intuitive:Only asks questions applicable to the student (may be based on answers from previous parts of the application)On the UC Application, record grades earned exactly as reported on your transcript, including D and F grades

  • Student PreparationPrepare earlyResearch materialsUse the checklist in the Apply Online to UC ApplyOnline_13-14_Freshman.pdfEmail communication is important!Apply broadlyBrainstorm specific concrete examples that you are proud of throughout high schoolGet reviews of your personal statement and revise, revise, revise

  • Application TimelineDate/DeadlineTask October 1-31UC Application OpensNovember 1-30 Submit online UC Application Late JanuaryUpdate December Test ResultsMarch Notification of Admission May 1 SIR (Statement of Intent to Register) Deadline FreshmanTo access the UC online application, visit:

  • Requirements vs. SelectionEvery UC campus gets the same applicationEvery UC campus you apply to will evaluate if you have met minimum admissions requirements with the same GPA and test scoresEach UC campus will review your application for admission individually using the information in the application

  • Comprehensive Review of the ApplicationWhat do the UC campuses look for?Good grades & test scoresWell-rounded studentsAssess the student within his/her contextNot just the personal statement; the full applicant and the full application are importantTake the time to fill out all of the application completely and accurately

  • Comprehensive ReviewGrade-Point AverageTest ScoresCourses Completed/PlannedHonors CoursesEligibility in the Local Context (ELC)Quality of Senior-Year Program of StudyAcademic Opportunities in California High SchoolsPerformance in Academic Subject AreasAchievements in Special Projects Improvement in Academic PerformanceSpecial Talents, Achievements, and AwardsParticipation in Educational Preparation ProgramsAcademic Accomplishment Within Life ExperiencesGeographic Location

  • Filling Out the Application BasicsContact information so campuses can communicate with youCampus selection Major selectionThere is a 30 minute time limit for each page of the application; click next or log out to save

  • ALL first-time applicants start here!Getting StartedThe filing deadline for fall 2013 is 11:59 p.m. PST Nov. 30, 2012.

    Returning users sign in

  • Use the progress bar to navigate to different sections of the applicationNavigatingRead commonly asked questions for helpful informationUpdate your e-mail or other account information using my UC applicationLearn what is in each sectionUse the buttons on the bottom to move from page to page

  • Start ApplicationAll applicants are required to disclose their social security number if they have one.

  • Choosing a MajorSelect a major, alternate major or no alternate majorClick on a college to expand the list of majors available and make your selection

  • Ranking San Diego CollegesRank the San Diego colleges in order of preference

    This will NOT affect your chances of admission to UC San DiegoYou must click on this link before ranking SD colleges

  • ScholarshipsBe sure to open and review each category of scholarships! Select scholarships that match your interests or characteristics (up to 16 total).

  • BiographicalStudents applying for EOP will be required to provide information on parent education, income and family size in the next steps of the Biographical section.

  • Biographical

  • Biographical

  • The Importance of Accurate DetailsPersonal informationAcademic historyExamination scoresActivities outside of school

  • Academic History 7th & 8th Grade

  • Academic History The application will search for your high school as you typeYou MUST list every school youve attended since ninth grade.

  • Academic History (high school)Easy-to-fix errors

  • Academic History (coursework)Self-enter a-g courses not on the UC-approved course list

  • Academic HistoryRemember to list community colleges even if you took only one class.

  • Academic HistoryUC transferable courses are pulled from the ASSIST databaseCA community college nontransferable courses can be self-entered

  • Test Results Make sure OFFICIAL scores are sent to at least one UC campusFall applicants must complete ALL required exams by the December test date

  • Activities and AwardsOther categories include Educational Preparation Programs, Work Experience, Awards & Honors, and Extracurricular ActivitiesApplicants are limited to five entries for each, so select the ones that are most meaningful

  • The Personal Statement2 Prompts, students must address both1,000 words total or lessView as personal interview on paper on the Tips box

  • Statement #1:Describe the world you come from for example, your family, community or school and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.

    Statement #2:Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you.What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you are?

    The Personal StatementAdditional Comments:Use this space to tell us anything else you want us to know about you and your academic record that you have not had the opportunity to describe elsewhere in the application. Limit your response to 550 words or less.

  • The Personal Statement: Final ThoughtsStart early, get feedback, and REVISE!Define your motivation/momentum in topics you are passionate aboutDecisions are never made on the personal statement aloneAvoid some common mistakes

  • Submitting the application and next stepsInclude additional comments where appropriateDont forget to hit SubmitGo back into the application when you have updates

  • Review and SubmitBefore starting submit process, carefully review information on summary page

  • Review and Submit

  • Release and Application Integrity Statement

  • After You SubmitUpdate your account informationUpdate your test scores

  • UC Home Admission Requirements: Online

    UC Application Center (800) 207-1710 (within the U.S.) or (661) 336-5723 (outside the U.S.)

    Questions & Contacts

    *This PowerPoint presentation will help students prepare for the UC application by teaching them how to present themselves in light of UC readers expectations of qualified applicants. We want prospective students to feel confident in completing the online application that will provide us with comprehensive applicant profiles that goes beyond coursework, grades and test scores.

    First we will start with a few basic tips for counselors.

    *For counselors, we highly recommend that you log into the application and fill one out yourself so you know what students can expect. As long as you dont submit credit card information, you can complete the application until the step before payment/submission. Additionally, we advise you to:

    Take screen shots along the way and save for quick reference Keep track of the frequent questions listed to the right in each section. These are questions that your students may have.

    We have heard of an increase in counselors advising students to not list D/F grades. To clarify, UC requires students to report all D and F grades, regardless of if they have retaken that class. The Cal State applications tell students not to report these grades if they have been repeated. However, UC requires the reporting of all grades.*For students, we recommend the following:

    Begin preparing for the application now: You dont need to wait until it is available online Start by researching the campuses so you know where you will want to apply Gather materials Use an email that you will check regularly UC campuses are selective: Apply to different types of campuses throughout the system for your best chance of being admitted and finding a good match Take time to remember all the important things you have done throughout the last four years Your personal statement is important! Write it early, then have family, counselors, and friends review and give feedback *You can begin filling out the application on October 1st, but cannot submit it until Nov. 1st. Dont wait until Nov. 30th!!You may want to use a password spreadsheet because you will have a unique login at each UC campus to check your application status. Keep track of your user name and passwords!! Reply to requests in a timely mannerApplication fee= $70 domestic (CA and out-of-state) students; $80 for international (out-of -country students who are studying outside of the UC) students (price per campus)*Requirements: All campuses have the same minimum requirements to ensure that students are academically prepared to be successful at