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Training of Head of the Institutes Technical Training wing Technical Education Department, Govt. of Rajasthan for DGET SDIS Web Portal. Presenter : - Er.Sandeep Sahai. Presenter : - Er.Sandeep Sahai. A Very Good morning. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Presenter : -Er.Sandeep Sahai Training of Head of the Institutes Technical Training wing Technical Education Department, Govt. of Rajasthan for DGET SDIS Web Portal 12Presenter : -Er.Sandeep Sahai

2A Very Good morning to all the Officers of Rajasthan Technical Training Services22- NOVEMBER 20123A Very Good morning Before We move onMay I Request You All toPlease Switch Off your Mobile or keep it in Silent Mode Only22- NOVEMBER 20124Special RequestIntroduction It is an established fact that, the skill level and educational attainment of the workforce determines the productivity as well as the ability to adapt to the changing industrial environment. A majority of Indian workforce does not possess marketable skills which is an impediment in getting decent employment and improving their economic condition.22- NOVEMBER 20125Introduction While India has large young population, only 10% of the Indian labour force - 8% informally and 2% formally have acquired vocational skills whereas the percentage in industrialized countries varies between 60% and 96%.22- NOVEMBER 20126Introduction Ministry of Labour & Employment, considering it essential for early school leavers and existing workers, especially in the un- organised sector, their educational, social and economic background in skill development, developed a new strategic framework in close consultation with industry.22- NOVEMBER 20127About SchemeA special scheme was started by Ministry of Labour & Employment called as S.D.I.S. during XI Plan ( 2007-08 to 2011-12)SKILL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE SCHEME

22- NOVEMBER 20128About SchemeThe Total outlay of scheme during XI plan was 550 Crore Rupees. The Target was to train One Million ( Ten Lakhs ) during XI Plan.

Now Target is to train One Million ( Ten Lakhs ) per year in the running XII Plan22- NOVEMBER 20129About S.D.I.SchemeThe Target for Rajasthan for Year 2012-13 is atleast 50,000

Obviously all of us will get our share of Target also.22- NOVEMBER 201210About SchemeUnder S.D.I.S.(SKILL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE SCHEME)Various Demand driven short term training courses based on Modular Employable Skills (MES)identified and decided in consultation with Industry.

22- NOVEMBER 201211About Scheme22- NOVEMBER 201212

About SchemeModular Employable Skills (MES) is the Minimum Skills Set which is sufficient for gainful employment or self employment in the world of work.22- NOVEMBER 201213Objective of S.D.I.S.The objectives of the scheme are:I. To provide vocational training to school leavers, existing workers, ITI graduates, etc. to improve their employability by optimally utilizing the infrastructure available in Govt., private institutions and the Industry. Existing skills of the persons can also be tested and certified under this scheme.II. To build capacity in the area of development of competency standards, course curricula, learning material and assessment standards in the country.14Key Features of the S.D.I.S.I. Demand driven short term training courses based on Modular Employable Skills (MES) identified and decided in consultation with Industry. II. Central government facilitates and promotes training while industry, private sector and state governments provide training to the personsIII. Optimum utilisation of existing infrastructure available to make training cost effective..IV. Flexible delivery mechanism (part time, weekends, full time, onsite) to suit needs of various target groups.V. Different levels of programmes (foundation, skill formation and upgradation) to meet demands of various target groups of industry and commerce.Key Features of the S.D.I.S.VI. The services of existing or retired faculty or guest faculty are being utilized.VII. Courses are available for persons having completed 5th standard and onwards..VIII. Testing of skills of an individual acquired informally in competency and issue of NCVT certification on qualifying it successfully.IX. Testing of skills of trainees by independent assessing bodies, including industry organizations such as FICCI, CII, etc. which do not involve in training delivery, to ensure an impartial assessment by the employer itself.

16Key Features of the S.D.I.S.X. Essence of the scheme is in the certification on vocational training from the NCVT that isnationally and internationally recognized in world of work in the Government (Center andState) as well as private sector.

17Target Group of the S.D.I.S.MES benefits different target groups like:Workers seeking certification of their skills acquired informallyWorkers and ITI graduates seeking skill upgradationEarly school drop-outs and unemployedPreviously child labour and their families18Age of participantsThe minimum age limit for persons to take part in the scheme is 14 years with no upper age limit.22- NOVEMBER 201219Training under the Scheme The training under SDI scheme is provided at various Vocational Training Providers (VTPs) registered under Central Government, State Governments, Public and Private Sector and Industrial establishments /Institutes etc..22- NOVEMBER 201220Training under the Scheme All the Government I.T.I.s will also act as Vocational Training Providers (VTPs) 22- NOVEMBER 201221Training under the SchemeMore than 1200 modules for employable skills as per Industry and labour market demands have been identified and course curriculumdeveloped.22- NOVEMBER 201222Testing under the SchemeSome Government I.T.I.s may also act as Testing Centres (only with the permission of Directorate) 22- NOVEMBER 201223Training under the SchemeAll VTPs have been given necessary powers to collect the training fee from trainees. Fee collected is to be incurred by VTPs for meeting various expenses for imparting training and providing post training support services. VTPs have been vested with such powers to reimburse training fee to successful trainees collected from trainees on successful completion of training under SDIS. VTPs are re-imbursed training cost at the rate of rupees fifteen per hour per passed out trainee by State.24Course Structure and Fee for Training VTPs impart training to students for the courses approved by DGE&T under the SDIS as per the approved curricula. The duration of the courses is as given in List of MES Curricula approved by NCVT.VTPs can start training on only those courses as permitted to them by Directorate.25Batch Size The batch size for Manufacturing sector is 20 and 30 for agriculture , allied and service sectors.26Course Structure and Fee for TrainingThe training fee which includes cost of material, honorarium, etc. has been prescribed as follows:27Sr. No. Module Duration Training Fee

1Up to 90 hrs Rs. 500.002from 91 hrs to 180 hrs Rs. 1000.003from 181 hrs to 270 hrs Rs. 1500.004more than 270 hrs Rs. 2000.00Assessment FeeThe assessment fee is charged @ Rs. 500-800 depending on the skill area. The assessment fee for an engineering course (requiring workshop, equipment, raw material in addition to class room training) is Rs. 800/- per trainee per course and assessment fee for a non-engineering course is Rs. 500/-.28Fee Reimbursement to Candidate who got TrainingIn order to motivate trainees to take the training programme seriously, Training fees and Assessment fee of all those trainees who successfully complete the training is refunded to them by State/UT29Fee Reimbursement to Direct CandidateIn respect of persons who directly come for assessment of their skills, assessment fee is reimbursed to persons belonging to disadvantaged groups (SC, ST, OBC, persons with disabilities), women and poorer sections of the society who pass the test.3031

Norms of Rajasthan32

Norms of RajasthanTraining Cost Reimbursement to VTP The SDI Scheme has the provision of reimbursement of Training cost to the Vocational Training Providers. The amount for reimbursement has been fixed at the rate of Rs. 15/- per person per hour for the students who are successfully trained by the registered VTP & its students have successfully undergone assessment by the Assessing Body.33Implementing SchemeProject Management, Monitoring & Evaluation

Web based software will be used for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the scheme. Web based software will be required to achieve the target of the scheme with in the stipulated period with limited staff available at Central and State levels. It will help in monitoring the activities of the scheme effectively.34 Some of the features of the software are :-i. On line registration of persons seeking training or testing of their skillsii. Call letters will be generated date of admission will be self generated and no admission will be allowed in the middle of the session.iii. Reports about number of persons undergoing training course-wise and in which VTPs can be generated.iv. Reports about numbers of persons trained - course wise and by which VTPs and when, can be generated.v. Reports about number of persons assessed - course wise and by which Assessing Body and when, can be generated.35 Some of the features of the software are :-vi. Reports about number of persons certified - course wise and by which Assessing Body and when can be generated.vii. Information about VTPs along with courses offered,viii. Information about TCs along with details of courses in which testing can be done.ix. information about assessing bodiesx. Certificates will be prepared.xi. Trained persons can place their Curriculum Vitae for seeking employment.xii. Employers can place their requirements for skilled persons36Implementing SchemeSDIS Web Application is developed & whole process will be done online using internet.

Web Portal URL Address is working knowledge of computers/Internet is necessary to run this scheme.Deep Understanding of SDIS Scheme and its features is also essential.


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