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Is your organization developing a change capable competitive advantage?


  • 1. Preparing Your Organisation for Tomorrow
  • 2. The rate of change external to each of our organisations is now so great that no organisation can ensure it is changing faster than the external system. Global interconnectedness, the rapid speed of ideas in a digital economy and new ways of working and collaborating means that change will only continue to accelerate. Simon Terry
  • 3. Becoming change capable is now a key competitive advantage
  • 4. How complex is your business landscape? Module 1 Introducing Change Management Global competition Changing workforce mix Political Instability Regulations Business Landscape Brand story and purpose Customer power shift Social media Technology shifts
  • 5. Changing 1 Introducing Change Management Module Trends In order to future proof your organization lets consider the following changes that need to take place in how your organisation operate. From To Efficiency optimization Responsive to new information Strong Hierarchies Networked Controlling Empowering Extrinsic rewards and motivations Intrinsic rewards and motivation Knowledge is power Collaboration and sharing Customers and Partners Communities Fixed office location and set working hrs. Anytime, anywhere Disengaged and lacking a feeling of belonging Engaged and appreciated employees
  • 6. What is driving change inChange Management Module 1 Introducing your organisation?
  • 7. Are you currently implementing change? Module 1 Introducing Change Management Are you implementing a new strategy or Target Operating Model? Are you implementing new technology? Has your organization been through a merger or acquisition? Are you launching new products and services? Do you want to adapt your organisational culture? Do you want to increase innovation and collaboration? Do you need to adapt your existing internal processes and procedures? Do you have a Change Management Approach and Plan in place to support organizational change?
  • 8. Change Management is.. A structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change from a current to a future state
  • 9. What are 1 Introducing Change Management Management? Module the benefits of Reduce resistance to change Build commitment and buy in from stakeholders Build knowledge and ability; Increase the likelihood of projects finishing on time and on budget; Increase competitiveness by building change capability; Ensure the change is sustained and achieve ROI
  • 10. Our Capabilities Module 1 Introducing Change Management We help organizations of all sizes to manage their change journeys while simultaneously creating a more change capable organization. Our capabilities include:
  • 11. Project Level Introducing Change Management Module 1 Change Capabilities Define Plan Manage Sustain 3. Integrated Change Approach and Plan 6. Manager Coaching 9. Workforce Alignment 2. Change Leadership 4.Stakeholder Analysis 7. Culture and Behaviour Change 11. Readiness Assessment 3. Change Management Team 5.Comms and Engagement Plan 8. Training Design and Roll out 12. Lessons Learned and Action Plan 1. Change Vision and Benefits Plan
  • 12. Why The Change Source?Change Management Module 1 Introducing The Change Source is a niche Change Management Consultancy, made up of world class change management experts and partners. We provide a holistic and structured approach to managing change within your organization. Our objective is to turn your business vision and strategies into reality so that your organization can transform, grow and continue to excel at what you do. Results Focused Global Change Expertise and Insights Solid Industry Expertise Certified Change Practioners and Coaches
  • 13. The ChangeSource Community and Resources Module 1 Introducing Change Management Blog Dubai Meetup Group Monthly Newsletter Podcast Show Training Seminars Partner Programme Change Templates Speaking at events E-books/Case Studies LinkedIn Group Webinars Video Series
  • 14. Allow us to help you to create an organization that embraces and thrives during change. ADD PHOTO If you want to learn more about how we can support you please e-mail:


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