Predicting Retail KPIs using Magento & Machine Learning

Predicting Retail KPIs using Magento & Machine Learning slide 0
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Presentation by Dhruv Boruah at Magento Live UK


machine learning Magento & About me Dhruv Boruah Co Founder, Agenda Agenda Your KPIs Session Goal Interesting Magento Data Magento Case Tools/How? Demo Q&A Your KPIs Are you asking the right questions? How much do you know about your customers? AOV/LTV/GPM Sales/Returns/Shippin g Churn Rate Abandonment Rate External Factors Weather/ Forex/ Holiday/Newsletters Census (birth/death/age) Machine Learning A branch of artificial intelligence, concerns the construction and study of systems that can learn from data. Source: Session Goal How to predict customer behavior using machine learning? Interesting Magento Data 1. log_visitor_online (visitor_id, type, ip, customer_id, last_url ) 2. log_visitor (visitor_id, session_id, first & last visit, last_url, store) 3. Viewed product (visitor_id, customer_id, product_id, store) 4. Aggregated viewed products(view_num, price, name, store) 5. Quote tables Magento Case Case Retailer A trades in: Clothing/ Toys/Shoes/Home etc. Goal: Predict checkout intent of online customers Deliver personalize promotion to prevent cart abandonment Tools How? How? Listens for events Does delta sync Processes responses Magento Extension Scalable Infrastructure Slave Database NoSQL Google/Amazon How? YES/ NO Slave Database Flatten Magento Tables NoSql database Data Warehouse Transaction History Merchandising Operational Marketing Modeling Preparation Training Predict Predict Training Model Successful Checkouts Created date/time Remote IP Base subtotal Items Customer is guest Category Location Training Model Unsuccessful Checkouts Demo Questions/Comments? @dhruvboruah abandonment-detection-and-prevention.html


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