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Fundamentals of Web Browser Security

Fundamental aspects of Web Browser SecurityKevin Power 11232469

Daniel OMalley 06630031

MS810 Information Systems Security & Ethics

MSc Information Systems Management13/28/2012How safe are Browsers?In todays world it is next to impossible to keep ahead of hackers.

Web Browser Designers finding it hard to keep ahead.

WWW being used much more for:ShoppingBanking Online

Which makes browsers much more vulnerable to these guys

So what can users do?

Use different Passwords for different sites to ensure this doesnt happen And also ensure these are installed and up to date!

Web Browser designers have to try to get the mix right between


This can prove very difficult

This is because criminals have gone from being Unorganised

OrganisedtoWhich makes it harder for this guy to catch them!

Numerous different attacks can occur to browserZero day exploit User doesnt get chance to defend.

Injection attack Hacker embeds code in legal site.

Phishing is another type of attackNo not this type

This typeOccurs when user receives a legitimate Email from a companyWhich contains a linkTo a fraud website whichCan take the users Details.

Cookies can be stolen or hijacked

Not this kind thoughInstead its a more serious type

Click jacking attackThis attack presents the user with a legitimate looking page, but a transparent page below the legitimate one is where the attack occurs.

Most popular Web Browsers used today

Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeInternet ExplorerApples SafariBut which one is best?

Most Used Browser Most Secure BrowserGoogle Chrome seem to think their browser is best?They are willing to pay out $1 million to anyone who can hack their Web Browser

So if your sick of seeing this..

And think you can do this..

Then you could end up with a whole lot of this..