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  • 1.Our planet Earth is the only planet where life exist .Life on Earth is dependent on many factors like water , food etc The resources present on the earth and the energy from the sun are necessary to meet the basic requirement on earth . resources on the earth are land, water and the air .The life supporting zone of earth where the atmosphere , hydrosphere and lithosphere interact is called biosphere.

2. The non living things of the biosphere forms the abiotic componentAir , water , soil are the abiotic component 3. An increase in the content of harmful substances in the air is called air pollution. The fossil fuel like coal and petroleum contain small amount of sulphur and nitrogen. When these fuels are burnt nitrogen and sulphur to are burnt and this produces different oxides of nitrogen and sulphur. Inhalation of these gases is dangerous they also dissolve in rain to form acid rain. The combustion of fossil fuel also increases the amount of suspended particle in air. These suspended particle could be un burnt carbon particle or substances called hydrocarbon. 4. Water : A wonder liquid area of Water occupies a very largeearth. And is also found underground. some amount of water is in the form of vapour. Water is very necessary all cellular process takes place in a water medium. Organism need to maintain the water within their body to in order to stay alive. The availability of water decides not only the number of member of each species that are able to survive 5. Water pollution Sewage from our towns and cities and waste from factories are also dumped into rivers or lake . Specific industry also use water for cooling in many operation and later return this hot water to water bodies. All this can effect the life form that are found in this water bodies in various ways. This effect the balance between various organism which had been establishing in that system. 6. soilSoil is an important resource that decides the diversity of life in an area. Soil is the topmost layer of earth crust. Soil is a mixture of small particle of rock ,bits of decaying living organism which is called a humus, soil also contain microorganism. The type of soil is decided by the amount of humus ,average soil particle dissolved in it. Soil is formed by many factors: By the sun : the sun heats up rock during the day so the rock expands and in night the rock contracts since all the part of the rock do not contract at the same rate . It cracks ultimately. Strong winds erode rocks like water do. Wind also caries sand from one place to another Living organism also influence the formation of soil. 7. Plants:- the green plants are the producer of food for all living being. The leaves and other green parts of plant synthesize food. Besides the food item the plant supply us many other things like medicines, cloth etc. The biotic component of environment include all living Animal:- animal form another important biotic component of environment. They organism including human depend on the plant for their survival. beings. They may be producer of food or consumer. 8. Biogeochemical cycle A constant interaction between the biotic and abiotic component of the biosphere makes it a dynamic but stable system these interaction consist of transfer of matter and energy between different component of the biosphere. Some process involved in maintenance of above balance:1. Water cycle 2. Nitrogen cycle 3. Carbon cycle 4. Oxygen cycle 9. Water cycle:- the whole process in which water evaporates and falls on the land as rain and later flow back into the sea is called water cycle. clouds transpirationraingroundwater 10. nitrogen cycle Nitrogen gas makes 70% of our atmosphere and nitrogen is also a part of many molecules essential for life like protein. However other than a few forms of bacteria, life forms are not able to convert the comparatively inert nitrogen molecule into forms like nitrates and nitrites. Other than these bacteria the only way to convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrites and nitrates is by physical method . During lightning the high temperature and pressure created in the air converts nitrogen into oxides of nitrogen. These oxides dissolve in water to give nitrous and nitric acid. These ar4e then utilized by many life forms. Plant takes up nitrates and convert them into amino acid. which are used to make protein . These protein are consumed by many animal . Once the animal or plant dies other bacteria in the soil converts the various compounds of back into nitrates. A bacteria then converts the nitrates into nitrogen. 11. Oxygen is very abundant element on our earth.it is found in the elemental form to the extent of 21%. But when we talk of oxygen cycle , we are mainly referring to a cycle that maintains the level of oxygen in the atmosphere oxygen from the atmosphere is used up in three processes combustion , respiration and in formation of oxides of nitrogen and this forms the oxygen cycle. 12. Carbon is found in various forms in the earth. It occurs in elemental form in diamond and graphite. Carbon dioxide in the combined form. Carbon cycle is the process which converts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or dissolve in water into glucose molecules. The utilization of glucose to provide energy to living thing involves the process of respiration in which oxygen may or may not be used to convert glucose back into carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide goes back into the atmosphere .