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Popular Indie ArtistsIf we go through the ongoing trends of web searches, then we can easily found that most of the searches are directed towards the music. The interest of music is not confined to any generation, all the generations and age groups are just fond of this and listen to the various genres according to their interest. Specifically discussing the music culture of India, there are many popular indie artists associated with many genres and languages. This widely known fact that, in India every region has its own language and the manner of speaking is different in just a radius of 100 km. And every region has its own music culture and many artists are associated with that culture.


Different from the music culture of other countries which are having a single music industry, India has myriad music industry simultaneously working on the supporting of professional artists. There about hundreds of songs release in a span of a week in different regional languages. We have been revered as the country of musicians, who are using the most number of music instruments in the making of music.

Even our movies are incomplete without 5 or 6 songs, which is a strange trend according to the foreign music industries because their movies have always been void of any song. Indie music streaming on any live channel is the busiest route on the web and about of lakhs of music content downloaded from different music sites. There is no dissent on the fact that we all are the avid lover of music and listen to our favorite music whenever we get time from our busy schedule. For some people, music has a healing power and can heal the tension at a great extent. India is now also adopting the culture dance music or electronic music and many artists are producing their own electronic music.