PHOTOSYNTHESIS What do you know? What do you want to know?

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    What do you know?

    What do you want to know?

  • Photosynthesis uses sun energy to make sugar (glucose) (Plants and algae only Autotrophs- make their own food Heterotrophs- cant make their own food

    All living organisms ( including plants) use cellular respiration to get energy from their food

  • Photosynthesis EQUATIONReactants- light , carbon dioxide, & waterProducts: sugar and oxygenSunlight+6CO2+ 6H20 C6H12O6 + __O2

  • Light & Pigments

    Sunlight is white but contains mixtures of visible wavelengths

    Chlorophyll is a PIGMENT in the chloroplast of the plant cell that absorbs light

  • Leaves absorb blue-violet & red-orange light very well - Green light is reflected- why plants look green!

  • MajorPigments MinorPigments Types of Pigments

    Chlorophyll a Absorbs all colors of light except green Plays major role in light reactions of photosynthesis Chlorophyll b Appears yellow-green Absorbs additional lightXanthophyllYellow pigment CaroteneRed & orange pigments

  • LOCATION OF PHOTOSYNTHESISChloroplasts organelle in plant cells

  • ** Chloroplast has double membrane **

    Thylakoids: sac-like photosynthetic membranesArranged in stacks called GRANAHave chlorophyll and other pigments Stroma: Fluid area surrounding thylakoidsCHLOROPLAST STRUCTURE

  • Boozeman 5:00 Minutes

  • * Light-Dependent: takes place in thylakoids-

    * Calvin Cycle: takes place in stroma

  • Light ReactionChlorophyll molecules in thylakoid capture light energyThis energy releases electrons from H2OH2O then splits into O2 and H+ Oxygen is a "waste product" & escapes to the atmosphere

  • So what happens to the electrons and hydrogen ions?Chloroplasts use them to make an energy-rich molecule called NADPH and ATP

    The overall result of the light reaction?Light + H20 Oxygen + NADPH + ATPLight Reaction

  • Light reaction is charging up the battery needed to synthesize sugars in Calvin Cycle

    - ADP and NADP+ recycle

  • Calvin CycleDoes NOT use light at allCan use energy that was made in light cycle to form sugar

  • Occurs in the STROMA.

    Uses CO2 and energy powered by ATP and NADPH to produce sugar

    NAPDH and ATP are recycled back to the Light Cycle for rechargingThe Calvin Cycle

  • Reactants:Products:

  • Two ProcessesLight ReactionCalvin Cycle

  • Online Activity 8.1- Animation of Light and Dark Cycles

    Page 6 Start

  • Factors Affecting PhotosynthesisTemperatureLight intensity

  • Carbon Cycle

    **Next slide equation **Did we see chlorplasts in the onion? Why not!!! *****Chloroplast- many hang out in the middle of the leaves ( mesophyll )

    **Print this for CP!! **4 steps *******