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  • 1. By Elishia Selby

2. Landscape 3. Wildlife 4. Aerial 5. Sports 6. Portrait 7. Architectural 8. Fashion 9. Macro 10. Abstract 11. Photojournalism 12. Photos which have an impact on meThis landscape photo is called island in the sky, it was taken on April the 28th by ShaneKalyn There is an ghostly, otherworldly feeling to this photograph, it is a little island inthe middle of Tumuch Lake. The island seems to be floating in the clouds, as well as beingupside down if you look at its shadow closely. It screams the words lost and freedom tome as the island is literally in the middle of no-where. I like that the clouds and sky seemto be identic; where aswhen generally drawingyou would ensure the skyand water were differentshades. However if youwere to look very closelyyou can see ripple in thewater from fish gulpingfor air. 13. This simple wildlife photo is taken by Joe Motohashi, I like the contrast between twocolours that arent usually placed together, but still creating a remarkable effect. Themain focus is on the bird, and every feather on it. The blurred background of the flowershelp to form this picture with many minor details, giving the viewer more to look at. Thebird white eye stands out to me, especially due to being centre of the photograph. Iarticulates to me the words peace and wonder. 14. This landscape photo is called underwater park. Taken by Marc Henauer on May 31. It shows along shot of a park which floods after every spring, the melting snow creates a dreamscape inTragss, Austria. I have chosen this photo because I opposition of reality e.g. park under the waterrather than part of the park. I also love the different textures and colours as you look across theimage. The blue flippers stand out to me, blending in with the water behind. The environmentalthough has been destroyed by the water is still placed perfectly, the angle gives a wide view ofthe whole area, letting the viewer get a real feel for what is there. 15. This Abstract/naturephotograph is called BlueGhost Fireflies taken inNorth Carolina bySpencer Black. The forestfloor is traced with themovement of blue ghostfireflies I like how thephotographer has takenthe detail in making thelens close slowly in orderto capture the movingfireflies. The darkenedtrees and backgroundhelp emphasise the brightglow from the fireflies,showing the randompaths each one has taken. 16. This landscape photowas taken by JulieFletcher. The dramaticcolours of water andsky aside makes aperfect caption ofperfect disaster. Thebranches of the treesreflect bolts of lightningand give the impressionthat it has occurredmany times before. Ilike how the sand stillseems golden and thewater still shimmeringblue, however the sky isdarkened, withbrightened rays fromthe bolts, creating areal contrast. 17. Shane Kalyn photography 18. Shane KalynShane Kalyn is a photographer from Canada and has a strong passion forthe natural world (four natural elements; air, earth, fire & water), since hecan remember. He has photographing it for the last 10-15 years. He has hadmany privileges of taking photos on many corners of the planet and enjoyseeing what's around that next corner. His hobbies (travel andphotography) are slowly progressing into more and more. None of thephotographs are of animals in captivity all the animals are wild; in theirnatural habitat. Most of his photos are for the national geographiccompetitions/websites.Favourite