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  1. 1. Photography Applications (Hannah Mizen)1
  2. 2. Advertising and Promotion This is one of the main uses of photography, by advertising a product, advertising the product in the light the company wants the consumer to see it, so the product must look its best and at its most appealing and desirable. These images are photographed in a very controlled so the producer can control what the consumer sees and how they view the product. Text to give the advertisement some direction and to describe what the company is trying to sell you. Promotional photography is very similar, but rather than advertising, they are trying to raise profile, to make their product more well known. A the producer may create a campaign that is shocking and different, even if the attention on the product is not all positive it doesnt matter because awareness is still being raised. In many cases promotional advertising will be raising awareness about the effects of products that are bad, like in the picture on the right, it is promoting the fact that smoking is harmful to others around you not just yourself. These campaigns use clever and shocking tactics to stick in peoples minds so that they remember it.Advertising can also involve models and this is usually used in fashion advertising. Even though there is no text and no direction, it is still clear that this product is selling clothes. Fashion and clothing does rely on postproduction editing, but also relies mainly on models and make-up and lighting being manipulated to create the effect they want to get across to the viewers.
  3. 3. This is a promotional photo, this campaign is to tell people that smoke to stop because it doesnt just harm them, but others around them.The model has also been placed their for the purposes of the campaign, it is taken in a studio and posed, so it is not naturalThe main image is shocking and could be deemed distressing, to see a young child in distress. This is what will capture the viewers attention and make them remember this.The editing in this is mainly to do with the smoke cloud acting like a bag, showing it is suffocating the childThere is also lighting that has been manipulated, you can there is one flash or spotlight that contrasts and fades into the black background. There is also a short sentence at the bottom of the photo using quite shocking, sharp language. Smoking isnt just suicide. Its murder.
  4. 4. Fashion Photography Fashion photographys purpose is to sell and advertise clothes. Photographers take pictures of attractive, slim models in clothing, these models look good in the outfits so when the buyer sees this they will project what they see on the model on to their own self, e.g. if the model looks that good in those clothes then so will I. The set up for the models is very controlled and not observational as everything has been put in a certain place, the lighting is artificial and is put in the way it is on purpose to create the right effect while still showing the clothes in the best way they can. The lens the photographer will use will be wide and not long, because they want to get a whole scene in, not a close up, because they need to capture the outfit that they are advertising. There are different styles of fashion photography, high fashion and catalogue. High fashion is photographs are selling designer clothes, that are are advertised in magazines such as vogue, these shoots usually feature talented young models or famous older ones. They will have more extravagant backgrounds or classic and simple. The catalogue is a lot less professional and doesnt have the edge that high fashion has. There are a lot of problem with the fashion photography. The models that the photographer chooses are usually very thin, setting unattainable standards for young girls that look up to these models and want to achieve the desirable look because the models are beautiful. These kind of photos will be seen in fashion magazines and books.
  5. 5. This is a fashion photo, used for a high fashion magazine, advertising designer clothes, would probably be in a magazine like vogue.The man and the horse have been put there in a certain place in a certain pose for a reason, so this photo is controlled.Even though this shoot appears to be outside, the lighting is still controlled and manipulated, using lamps and white screensThe main subject is the woman, she is posing to show the clothes in the best light, to make them desirable.The models are desirable people and are typical of fashion magazine, the strong facial features and slim bodies. These are the kind of people readers look up to and want to look like.In this type of photography there is a fair amount of post production work such as digitally editing the photo, making the photo look flawless
  6. 6. This is a photo of a man in the Vietnam War being shot in the head.This photo hasnt had any editing done to it because it is taken on black and white film, so the only production process would be the development in a dark room.The photo is an observational, it is not controlled, this situation was taken in a split second.The lighting in this is ambient it wasnt controlled, just natural lighting from the sun.The subject matter of this photo is very shocking but real and it documents and tells people how brutal and evil the war was, to help people understand.The lens the photographer would use would be a wide lens, and a big exposure to make sure everything is in focus and nothing is missed.
  7. 7. Portraiture Portraiture is one of the most common types of photography whether it is posed or candid. This is all to do with capturing not just the face, but the subjects within the face like the emotions the colours the details. Portraits can be done in black and white or colour. Usually looking more classic in black and white. The photographer will usually instruct the model in different poses, so their faces are either facing front on or on a side profile. They will also tell them what emotion they want them to express. In these posed portraits they also may include props. The background setting for portraits is almost always plain, to keep the focus on the face. The background uses an infinity curve to keep the background smooth, again so there is no distraction from the face. The lighting will also be artificial and set up to give a certain effect and control the mood exactly.Candid portraits are a bit different, they are more natural and observational as the photographer takes photos without the people knowing, so all the emotions are real and nothing is fake. With this it is not taken in a studio, so lighting cannot be controlled and the photographer will have to work with ambient light. Composition is also very important for these photos because the background wont be plain. After the photos are taken they will be edited. They will be edited digitally in photoshop or something similar. The photographer will edit the photo to make the image looks as striking as possible, to make it look interesting and catch the viewers attention.
  8. 8. This photos subject matter is a portrait shot of Andy Warhol.This photo because of when it was taken was probably taken on film that was black and white, so it originally was black and white, no editing has occurred.The photographer has instructed the model into a specific pose, with the paintbrush, this is to frame his face and to also make the photo different to a normal portrait.The lighting in this photo is artificial and is set up to light the face in a certain way.Because the photo was taken on film it isn't digital so no editing can occur, but the film has to be developed in a dark room.The paintbrush in this photo gives it more identity and context, because the model is an artist.
  9. 9. High street studio High street studio photography is where families hire a photographer to take pictures of them, in a studio or outside so they can buy photos for their home. It also includes wedding photography. These photos will usually be posed portraits of groups of families. These photographs are usually taken in a studio with a plain background with an infinity curve. The lighting is always artificial in a studio with no natural lighting, so the photographer can control exactly what lighting and mood they want to portray. The photographer will instruct the family into different poses, to convince a sense of happiness and normality. The photographer may also include props to add some fun and interesting subject matters. The photos can also be taken outside, so the families can interact with the set and surroundings. Wedding photos will usually be taken on site, the lighting then will not be controlled as much, but the photographer will use a flash to enhance brightness. High street studios will use a lot of post-production on their photos, editing the pictures to make the contrast and brightness higher so the photos look clearer, getting rid of blemishes so the outcome will be desirable by the family so they will want to buy the photos. Where you would usually see these is in a families home, hanging on a wall. These photos may also be used to advertise the photography business, so in small ads in local magazines. A list of popular high street studio photography business are: Venture, Blacksheep, Boggio studios and Clifton studios.
  10. 10. This photo is of a family in a studio.The photographer has posed this family, so it is not observational, it is controlled.The setting is in studio, the background is plain to keep the attention on the family and not to distract the eye away.The type of pose the photographer has put the family in is a generic happy family pose, to portray this.Post-production, the photos will be edited to make them at their most desirable, increasing contrast, getting rid of blemishes, increasing vibrancy.The lighting is completely artificial, there are high power lamps and flashe