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  • 1. Visual Memory Test!!

2. Do you have a good memory or a bad memory? Do you have a photographic memory? A person with a photographic memory can remember visual details with the precision of a photograph. Take the following test to find out! 3. You will see 5 photographs, all from the American photographer Robert Frank. You will have 5 seconds to see each photograph. After the photograph is shown, try to write down everything you can remember, using the past continuous. For example 4. For example, you might remember: There were two boys sitting on the left side. One boy was closing his eyes. There were two girls standing in the back and four more boys on the right side. They were listening to music. The boys on the right side were looking at the boys on the left, etc. 5. Now you try. Here is the first photograph: 6. OK! Take a minute to write down what you remember. 7. Here comes photograph number 2. 8. Same as before, take a minute to write down what you remember. 9. Now number 3! 10. As before, write down everything you can remember! 11. Now, the fourth photograph 12. Just like before, write down everything you can remember. 13. And now, the last slide