peter & the wolf

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Performed by the Minnesota Orchestra Feb.28, 29 & Mar 1

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  • Performed by theMinnesota OrchestraFeb.28, 29 & Mar 1
  • Gives It was first Orchestra Halleducational named the is actually concerts for 2 Minneapolis The MN separate 85,000 youth Symphony OrchestraOrchestra buildings annually is Orchestra Hall opened connected by a 109 years Changed its in 1974. old! The hallway. name to thefirst concert Welcome to the MN Orchestra Minnesotawas in 1903 Orchestra in 1968Over 400,000 people come to their Has touredconcerts each Orchestra the world year Hall is giving The lobby concerts famous for will be rebuilt the cubesHas had 10 in 2012. The Has premiered that are in 98 Has principal hall will musicians & and/or the walls andconductors remain the performs commissioned ceiling. & many same. over 200 over 300 new associate concerts compositionsconductors each year.
  • Orchestra HallThe Outsidethe pictures on the outside ofthe building change fromtime to time.
  • Orchestra Hall - The Stage Orchestra Hall -The Auditorium with over 2,400 seats
  • The NEW Orchestra Hall opening in 2013 The Hall will remain the same. Only the Lobby will change.
  • What we will be hearing. Peter and the Wolf by Sergei ProkofievMother Goose Suite(Excerpts) by Maurice Ravel Hungarian Fantasy by Franz Liszt
  • Sergei Prokofiev April 23, 1891 March 5, 1953Born in Ukraine/Russia.Was a child prodigy.Studied piano as a young child.Composed first piano piece at age 5.Wrote his first opera at age 9.By age 12 had written two operas.Entered the St. Petersburg Conservatory at age13. By then had written 4 operas, a symphony,two sonatas and many piano pieces.Wrote 133 works.Died from a stroke.
  • Written in 1936Written as a symphony forchildren and to introducechildren to the orchestraProkofiev wrote both the wordsand the musicEach character has a theme andan instrumentWritten in just 2 weeksDebuted on May 2, 1936
  • Peter & The Wolf Characters Grandfather: Bird: Flute Bassoon Hunters: Wolf: French Horns TympaniDuck:OboeCat: Clarinet Peter: Strings
  • Born in France, near the Spanish border. Hisfamily moved to Paris where he grew up.At 7 his father encouraged him to take pianolessonsAt 14, entered the Paris Conservatory tostudy music. Studied there for 15 years.Always loved Spanish music, and itinfluenced his writing.Was a soldier in World War IFirst came to America in 1928Had a terrible automobile accident in 1932and never regained his creative spirit.Died from a brain hemorrhage.
  • Laideronnette Empress of the Pagoda Story from a French Fairy Tale Part of a larger collection called The Mother Goose Suite by Maurice Ravel The French tales are very different from the American versions This fountain may be similar to the one Laideronnette used.
  • Mother Goose Suite (Excerpts) by Maurice Ravel Five separate pieces describing fairy tales, written by French authors.Thefive movements: Sleeping Beauty Pavane, Little Tom Thumb,Laideronnette (Empress of the Pagoda), The Conversations of Beauty and the Beast, The Enchanted Garden. Was originally written In 1911 it was We will be hearing thein 1908-1910 for piano rewritten for LAIDERONNETTE & four hands, two orchestra and later The ENCHANTED players turned into a ballet. GARDEN
  • IIwas just 9 years was a great old whenloved just pianist and the I I gave my Dont you I should composerHungarian have first gypsy music concert! LOVE my long smiled for hair? And my and it helped thisI lived in me Im Hungary! profile be a I was a child picture!! so handsome! better prodigy. Wow! Your music composer!! Beethoven heard teacher is the said I me play, and BEST! give would happiness toFranz Liszt many people.Oct. 22, 1811 July 31, 1886
  • Hungarian Fantasy by Franz LisztOriginally this piece was written aspart of his Hungarian Rhapsodies.Rewritten as a piece for piano and orchestra.Premiered on June 1, 1853.This is Liszts only Fantasy for piano and orchestra.Austin Frohmander A senior from Blaine HighSchool will be playing the piano part.