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  • N E W T I T L E S • C O N T E M P O R A R Y L I T E R A T U R E

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    P A

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    N E W T I T L E S • C O N T E M P O R A R Y L I T E R A T U R E

    P E N G U I N P U B L I S H I N G G R O U P W W W . P E N G U I N . C O M / A C A D E M I C

    N E

    W T

    IT L

    E S


    O N

    T E

    M P

    O R

    A R

    Y L

    IT E

    R A

    T U

    R E

    Presort Std U.S. Postage

    PAID Staten Island, NY Permit No. 169

    PENGUIN PUBLISHING GROUP Academic Marketing Department 375 Hudson Street New York, NY 10014-3657

    N E

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    O N

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    P E

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    B LI

    S H

    IN G

    G R

    O U

    P W

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    M /A

    C A

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    M IC


    P resort S

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    taten Island, N Y

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    A cadem

    ic M arketing D

    epartm ent

    3 7

    5 H

    udson S treet

    N ew

    York, N Y 1

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    /FA C

    IN FO

    MARLON JAMES A Brief History of Seven Killings Peopled with assassins, journalists, drug dealers, and ghosts, this lyrical epic from the author of The Book of Night Women presents a fictional exploration of the attempted as- sassination of Bob Marley in the late 1970s, transporting readers from the slums of 1970s Kingston to the crack wars of 1980s New York to a radically altered Jamaica in the 1990s. “A prismatic story of gang violence and Cold War politics in a turbulent post-indepen- dence Jamaica.”—The New Yorker RIVERHEAD PAPERBACK • 704 PAGES • 978-1-59463-394-2 • $17.00

    PHIL KLAY Redeployment “Klay—a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who served in Iraq during the surge—gives the civilian reader a visceral feeling for what it is like to be a soldier in a combat zone, and what it is like to return home, still reeling from the dislocations of war. Gritty, unsparing and fiercely observed, these stories leave us with a harrowing sense of the war in Iraq as it was experienced, day by day.”—The New York Times PENGUIN PAPERBACK • 304 PAGES • 978-0-14-312682-9 • $16.00 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNER

    ROSS RITCHELL The Knife “[Ritchell] uses personal experience to write a novel that paints war as a complicated, exhausting, gut-wrenching ordeal….In 2014, the short stories in Phil Klay’s Redeploy- ment were heralded as some of the most authentic wartime writing in our ever-changing post-9/11 world. In 2015, The Knife...deserves the same praise.”—Chicago Tribune “Reminiscent of...The Things They Carried…[The Knife is] the best novel yet about life at the point of the knife, in these times of overlapping foreign wars.”—NPR BLUE RIDER PRESS HARDCOVER • 272 PAGES • 978-0-399-17340-0 • $25.95

    LORIN STEIN, editor The Unprofessionals New American Writing from the Paris Review An energetic collection celebrating the writers at the forefront of today’s literary world, featuring stories, essays, and poems from the Paris Review by Zadie Smith, Emma Cline, John Jeremiah Sullivan, Ben Lerner, Ottessa Moshfegh, Benjamin Nugent, and others. “A new generation of writers is...keeping American literature alive [and] restoring the ex- citement....The Paris Review…is at the forefront of the renaissance.”—Jonathan Franzen PENGUIN PAPERBACK • 304 PAGES • 978-0-14-312847-2 • $16.00

    KAREN JOY FOWLER Black Glass: Short Fictions First published in 1998 and now reissued with the addition of a prefatory essay, Black Glass showcases the extraordinary talents of “one of the most accomplished and most adroit fiction writers in America” (Los Angeles Review of Books) in fifteen gemlike tales. “Highly imaginative….In fine-edged and discerning prose, [Fowler] manages to re-create both life’s extraordinary and its ordinary magic.”—The New York Times Book Review PUTNAM HARDCOVER • 304 PAGES • 978-0-399-17579-4 • $27.95


    The author of Red Sorghum returns with his first major work since winning the Nobel Prize: a sweeping history of modern China through the lens of the nation’s one-child policy. “An expansive, fascinating cultural-political history…[that gives] a sense of how China and rural Northern Gaomi (Yan’s hometown) have changed, almost beyond description, from Maoist times to the current hyper-capitalistic phase.”—Independent (UK) VIKING HARDCOVER • 480 PAGES • 978-0-525-42798-8 • $27.95 PENGUIN PAPERBACK • 400 PAGES • 978-0-14-312838-0 • $17.00 PAPERBACK AVAILABLE JANUARY 2016

    J. M. COETZEE and ARABELLA KURTZ The Good Story: Exchanges on Truth, Fiction and Psychotherapy Drawing on great writers like Cervantes and Dostoevsky and psychoanalysts like Freud and Melanie Klein, Coetzee and Kurtz explore the human capacity for self-examination through a fascinating dialogue about psychotherapy and the art of storytelling. “Coetzee’s writing is characteristically spare and penetrating....Kurtz proves both a lucid expositor and an evocative literary stylist, bringing psychoanalytic ideas and practices to life with rare precision and immediacy.”—Literary Review VIKING HARDCOVER • 208 PAGES • 978-0-525-42951-7 • $27.95

    DAVID ATTWELL J. M. Coetzee and the Life of Writing Face-to-Face with Time In this biography and literary study, Attwell draws on Coetzee’s manuscripts, notebooks, and research papers to explore the creative processes behind the Nobel Laureate’s novels. “[A] highly readable and...insightful account of the processes through which some of the greatest novels of our time came into being.”—Derek Attridge, University of York VIKING HARDCOVER • 272 PAGES • 978-0-525-42961-6 • $27.95

    WILLIAM T. VOLLMANN Last Stories and Other Stories “Mysterious, magical…nightmarish, beautiful….Vollmann is an exquisite magician of a baroque stylistic obscurity….These troubled, voluptuous narratives are deeply concerned with the bewildering effects of trauma and loss.”—The New York Times Book Review “A phantasmagoric book, blending bits of Lovecraft and Dreiser, David Foster Wallace and Scheherazade, Poe and the Brothers Grimm.”—The New York Times PENGUIN PAPERBACK • 704 PAGES • 978-0-14-312756-7 • $22.00 ALSO OF INTEREST: The Dying Grass • VIKING HARDCOVER • 978-0-670-01598-6 • $55.00

    WILLIAM GIBSON The Peripheral “A piece of trenchant, far-future speculation that features all the eyeball kicks of Neuro- mancer and all the maturity and sly wit of Spook Country....Brilliant.”—Cory Doctorow “[Gibson’s] eye for the eerie in the everyday…lends events an otherworldly sheen.”—The New Yorker BERKLEY PAPERBACK • 496 PAGES • 978-0-425-27623-5 • $17.00




    For complimentary examination copies and personalized assistance in selecting titles for your courses, sign up for

    our College Faculty Information Service (CFIS) at:


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    R LO

    N J

    A M

    ES A

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