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  1. 1. Payroll Processing in Dehli NCR
  2. 2. PBC is an independent firm of veteran Chartered Accountants (CAG empanelled) that deploys a signature mix of efficient methodologies, teamwork, global experiences and best practices (in accordance with the International Accounting and Auditing Standards) to offer a comprehensive suite of services that help its global clientele (comprising MNCs and industry heavyweights) go. About Us
  3. 3. Our Services With our deep understanding of the complexities of payroll, we provide payroll processing services of all sizes (especially those with large employee bases) precise and timely end-to-end payroll solutions in the form of a simple, convenient and micro-customized interface that not just empowers, eliminates administrative burden and facilitates employee interaction, but also goes considerably beyond that to ensure compliances, generate reports, assure transparency, unlock business insights and steer the enterprises towards better human capital management in order to aid revenue growth and build competitive advantage.
  4. 4. Our Approach The results. Minus the excuses. At PBC, we believe the solutions emerge out of values, more than anything else. We work for you by working with you, matching step for step to strategize, innovate and deliver solutions that arent just aligned with your own business goals and targets, but also compliant with the visions and ethics your team stands for.
  5. 5. Payroll Processing Engaging with us gives our clients access to a team of veterans that expedites and handles every little and big aspect of payroll management , payroll processing services and offers complete peace of mind with freedom from niggling worries of fines & penalties. They also benefit from global class expertise at a reasonable price-point (as compared to outsourcing) that translates to significant cost savings. Whats more, freeing up essential manpower (hitherto engaged in payroll) also helps our clients utilize their talent bench optimally, focus on core issues and streamline operations.
  6. 6. Advantage Payroll Services Ease of Use Accuracy Confidentiality Flexibility
  7. 7. CAREERS Pankaj Billa & Co. is very happy to make available this excellent forum for Chartered Accountants and/or CA students to enhance their career prospects. PBC is the fastest growing company in its industry. A career at Pankaj Billa & Co. will be dynamic, fast paced and growth oriented. The company has a very clear and ambitious vision of the future, which promises to make a career at PBC very rewarding. We invest in our employees to make sure their careers are the most they can possibly be. If you are interested in working in this type of environment, and by the great challenge we can offer you, please APPLY ONLINE.
  8. 8. CONTACT US Head Office B-6, Flat No-102, Kailash Colony, New Delhi-110048. Tele/Fax : +91 - (11) - 41630332 Email :
  9. 9. Thank You!!!