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  • 1. Paving the Way for MenstrualHygiene Management inPakistan By: Syed Shah Nasir Khisro Executive Director Integrated Regional Support Program Pakistan ASIA REGIONAL SANITATION AND HYGIENE PRACTITIONERS WORKSHOP, Dhaka 2012

2. About IRSP A continuation of Pak-German IRDP (1986-1999) Registered in 2000 WASH and Disaster Management Expert organization Pilot CLTS in Pakistan 3. About the Study To find out MHM challenges in Rural Pakistan To Learn about the challenges/coping mechanism girls reachingpuberty in Schools To assess the effects of poor management on schooling, health andadolescence psyche To find out the degree of involvement of parents and teachers 4. Findings of the Study Sample size 250 (200 students and 50 parents and teachers) 56% teachers and 80% mothers recognizing the challenge for thefirst time 44% teachers and 20% mothers have some response to thechallenge (before the study) 74% students have some knowledge about the issue 5. contd 50% student attendance and 58% girls school performance wasaffected 70 to 80% young girls are unable to communicate withmothers/teachers/sisters and friends 50 to 60% mothers and teachers demanded for safe sanitary padsdisposal 52% of the young girls can not afford sanitary pads (currentlyavailable at the market) 6. contd 70% school going girls use unhygienic cloth, toilet papers, piece ofscarf 7. Suggestions and solution Local people may be trained to produce economical material Extensive sessions with mothers, teachers and girls reaching puberty Establishment of menstrual friendly space in schools with the help ofeducation department Proper mechanism for disposing of the used material Establishment of menstrual hygiene clubs and arrangement ofexchange visits Advocacy with govt to focus on the challenge 8. MHM Training with different stakeholdersTRG Mother Support GroupTRG Activists/ LHW Conducting MHM TRG Teachers TRG Group work during TRG 9. Session with young girls on MHM


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