parents, children, educators, technology working together

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Parents,Children, Educators, Technology working together


  • 1. Children,Educators,Technology . and Parents?
  • 2. Iteach&learnonline I teach and learn from students in a classroom without walls. Space and time work differently here. Its highly participatory and students teach and learn too.
  • 3. Iworkonline Today I worked with half-a-dozen IT people across the UK and the US to fix a server Its unlikely that I will ever meet them face-to-face. This virtual world is very real.
  • 4. A Digital Resident ?How do we guide our children to deal with this world and thrive in it? Work, connect, play, live
  • 5. Its yourkids,MartySomethingsgot to bedone aboutyour kids!- Doc BrownBack to the Future II
  • 6. http://www.cesi.ieTeachersaredoingit!
  • 7. What About Parents ?The biggest threat on the Internet today is parents that are not involved in their childrens use of technology Judi Warren, President of Web Wise Kids
  • 8. Pamela @coderdojolim @coderdojothurle @coderdojonenaghOBrienSchool/area:LimerickNenaghThurlesProject:CoderDojoSaturdaycodingcourse
  • 9. Conor,Co.CorkProject:After-schoolScratchcoursePicked upby MIT AppInventorSite Pic: Conor ONeill
  • 10. MichaelMadden @coderdojoathenrSchool/area:AthenryProject:CoderDojoSaturdaycodingcoursePilot CSCurriculumwithSecondarySchool Pic: Michael Madden
  • 11. Catherine CSProject:InternetSafetyCourse runby Parentsin school
  • 12. Save ourSchoolsSchool:CastlerockN.S.Co. SligoProject:teachersand parentsfilled acoach withparents &childrenand stormedthe Dail
  • 13. StPatricksDayParadeSchool:CastlerockN.S.Co. SligoProject:Dont sinkour schools parents &teachersco-production
  • 14. So, parents are doing it!How do we do more together? Make the jump Click to open in Youtube
  • 15. Parents, Children, Educators, Technologyworking together to create better lives and communities for all of us - online & offline Pic by Alain Bachellier


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