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Parent Talk Magazine February 2016 Issue published by Fathom Media and distributed to schools throughout Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes in South Louisiana.


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    Creating Quality Time Indoors pg 6

    talkFebruary 2016


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    Kara Domangue, Managing Editor

    The Toy BoxThe ABC's of Healthy HabitsCreating Quality Time Indoors

    Let's Get FitKnowledge Is Power




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    Cody J. Blanchard

    MANAGING EDITORKara Domangue

    CONTRIBUTING COLUMNISTSJasmine Richard, Joni Bascle, Anne Marie Naquin,

    Kim Thompson, Katherine Elias

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    Dear Parents

    In This Issue




    Insight From The Inside14

    parents looking to spread their message of raising children in South Louisiana. Shoot us an email at if you have any suggestions and dont forget to check out many of the local advertisers in this months issue!

    Keep talking, parents!

    February is in full swing! With the weather going back and forth between hot and cold and raining every other week, we thought wed focus on indoor activities this month.

    Inside this issue youll find some tips and ideas for unique ways to spend quality time with your child(ren) when the weather just isnt cooperating. Use these ideas as ways to learn more about your child and let them learn more about you in return.

    I hope you have been enjoying Parent Talk each month. Dont forget, we welcome all ideas and any input from local

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    Book of the Month

    Learn With Homer

    A Caldecott Honor and Geisel Honor BookWaiting for things to happen is something that kids do all the time. This subtle but sweet picture book uses cute toys on a windowsill to exhibit the emotion, fleeting ideas, and nostalgia that can go along with waiting and watching. Watercolor illustrations add charm to this whimsical picture book.

    WaitingBy Kevin Henkes (Author, Illustrator)

    Price: $59.99Age: 8+A small oven for children that comes with mix packs for popular Girl Scout Cookies such as Thin Mints. There is a window to watch the treats baking and a warming station to heat and melt cookie coatings such as chocolate. This model also features a slide station to adjust the heat and includes a small spatula, baking pan, and measuring tool. Cooking and pre-heating time is 15 minuteshalf the time of most other childrens ovens.

    Toy of the Month

    App of the Month

    Girl Scouts Deluxe Cookie Oven

    JASMINE is a Technology and Media Librarian at the Lafourche Parish Public Library. She has a Bachelor's Degree in English and Psychology and a Master's degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS). You can contact her at: 446-1163

    Lafourche Parish Library314 St. Mary StreetThibodaux, LA 70301

    Available: : iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Price: FreeAge: 3-6This app incorporates drawing, voice recording, stories, songs, phonics, and more with beautiful graphics. Explore options such as: Learn to Read, Story Time; Discover the World, and Homer's Clubhouse to learn about topics ranging from zoos to the five senses. Also includes genres such as poetry and folk tales. Make up to three accounts per app. Parents can view childrens progress with a parent account. Kids can also send and receive "Pigeon Post" through an invite-only system accessed through the web or in-app. pt

  • 5February 2016Statistics from

    The ABCs of


    KATHERINE is Owner and Creator of Fusion Wellness. She is a Certified Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer and Exercise Group Instructor.

    You can contact her

    Or visit her website

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    What are some ways you can get OATMEAL in your diet? Try a bowl of oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries mixed in it. Add a spoon of raw oats, fruit, and cinnamon to some vanilla yogurt. Eat a bowl of oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter and cinnamon.

    Fun Facts about OATMEAL! Oats were first brought to America in the early 1600s by European explorers. Americans first used them in porridges, puddings, and baked goods. The state of Vermont has the highest oatmeal consumption in the United States!

    Dont forget to eat your OATMEAL today!Statistics from

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  • 7February 2016



    Although children are constantly encouraged to play outside in the sunshine, sometimes the cold weather or rain can keep them huddled inside around the TV or video games. No worries! Check out these unique ideas that will allow you and your family to create some quality time together indoors when the weather just wont cooperate with your plans for being outside that day.

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    A Game of PictionaryLet your child(ren) explore his or her creative side with a game of

    Pictionary fun for the whole family! In Pictionary, you break up into teams and one person from each team draws a picture to get their teammates to guess what it is. To make it more entertaining for the kids, try creating a Pictionary category like cartoons or Disney characters to make it easier for them to guess, but also allows them to get creative when drawing these figures!

    Test Their SensesAnother great guessing game involves testing your childs senses.

    Set up a table full of different types of foods and objects with different types of consistencies. Blindfold your child and make them touch each food or object and guess what it may be. This is a fun way to spend the day and keeps your child laughing at all of the gooey and slimy textures you can present on the table!

    Family Bowling on a DimeIf its a rainy or cold day, you can always visit your nearest bowling

    alley. Or, if you want to stick it out in your pajamas why not create your own bowling alley in the kitchen or hallway? Set up a couple of empty water bottles and take turns using a ball to knock down all of the pins. Its a great way to keep your kids active and off of the couch when stuck inside.

    Karaoke PartyWho doesnt enjoy a good run of karaoke time? There are numerous

    apps and Youtube playlists dedicated to karaoke soundtracks. Family members can dig around in their closets and dress up as the famous singer of the song they will be performing. Bonus if you have a disco ball lying around somewhere!

    Family JengaNow here is a unique twist to the classic game of Jenga. Write different topics underneath each block such as favorite memory this year or favorite food for supper. Each time you or a family member pulls a block, they must answer or discuss the topic written underneath. Its a great way to connect with your child and learn more about what they like. Its also a great way to show them what you like as well!

    Treasure HuntingSet up a scavenger hunt around the house! Leave clues and puzzles

    leading from one spot to another and ending with some type of prize for your child. Watch them use their problem solving skills to answer riddles or games in order to find the next clue! Treasure hunting is a wonderful tool for teaching your child critical thinking skills!

    When All Else FailsLegosLegos are the ultimate building blocks for kids (pun intended).

    Children can use their creativity and imagination to build worlds and stories in their own bedroom. Why not join your child in a day of Legos in the living room and teach them architecture and construction skills through the use of the fun and colorful little blocks.

    When the sun isnt shining and the weather just isnt up to par, it may be time to look into some fun and unique ideas when the kids are stuck inside with you all day. Lets hope some of these tips will keep them refreshed and excited while allowing you to spend quality time with them when youre stuck indo pt

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    Dr. Seuss Day, a full twenty-four hours to dance with Fox in Sox, make a mess with the Cat in the Hat, hear a Who with Horton, learn about true friends with the Sneeches, and eat things you think you dont like with Sam I Am! To get students excited about reading and encourage more adults to spend time reading