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  1. 1. PAIN MANAGEMENTCOURSE bbbbbbbbbbb
  2. 2. Patient Story.Mr. Adel is 58 year old gentleman with a historyof DM, osteoarthritis, renal impairment. Hecomplain of severe pain at his joints and bothfeet. He received many drugs with no benefit. Does he need pain killers or opioids? What about neuropathic pain agents? What about the side effects?
  3. 3. Why pain? Pain is the leading cause for visiting the clinicor the hospital. pain control is critical forhealing, recovery, satisfaction, and feeling ofwell being.
  4. 4. By joining this course you willbe able to master painmanagement.
  5. 5. Pain course Interactive course for 8 hours. Using international references. Experts and specialized speakers. Certificates.
  6. 6. Domains Pathophysiology and classification of pain. Skills in pain management Using pain killers- WHO ladder. Using opioid for pain control. Nonpharmachological pain management.
  7. 7. Pain management course Because you care..!