Overview of Hedge Fund Stratergies

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A short PPT that we used in creating our youtube video on Hedge funds and their clients. Here is a link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HUHxEAQDeE And our Website: http://www.hedgefund-sa.co.za/


  • 1. By: Jacques & Andreas www.hedgefund-sa.co.za
  • 2. 4 Main types of Hedge Funds Equity Hedge Funds Global Asset Allocators Relative Value Hedge funds Event Driven Hedge Funds
  • 3. Equity Hedge Funds Use leverage Short sell Analyse individual stocks
  • 4. 3 Main Categories Long bias Short bias Opportunistic
  • 5. Global Asset Allocators Large scope Includes Macro Investors George Soros
  • 6. Relative Value Managers Market Neutral Stay Hedged Arbitrage
  • 7. Event Driven Managers
  • 8. Risk vs. Reward Ranking
  • 9. Visit us at: http://www.hedgefund-sa.co.za