orlando vacation – a dream come true tips for the best disney vacation you’ll ever have

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A vacation in Disney World surely spells a lot of fun. With the amazing attractions like Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, you and your family are in for lots of treats. You cant be any happier because you know you owe this vacation not only to your little kids but also to yourself.


  • 1. ORLANDOVACATIONA DREAM COME TRUETips for the Best Disney Vacation Youll Ever Have

2. Table of Contents Top Tips to Have the Best Disney World Vacation..1Practical Guide for Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom.67 Creative Ways to Save Money on an Orlando Family Vacation..11 3. Top Tips to Have the Best Disney World Vacation Amazing attrac- tions: Magic King- dom Epcot Disneys Hol- lywood Stu- dios Animal King- dom A vacation in Disney World surely spells a lot of fun. With the amazing attractions like Magic King- dom, Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios, and Ani- mal Kingdom, you and your family are in for lots of treats. You cant be any happier because you know you owe this vacation not only to your little kids but also to yourself. To ensure that you have nothing short of the perfect vacation, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.1 4. Disney VacationTips: Arrive early Use the Dis- ney World Guidebook Take Regular Breaks Take Advan- tage of the Fast Pass Pack some A vacation in Disney World surely spells a lot of Snacks and fun. With the amazing attractions like Magic King-Drinks dom, Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios, and Ani-Ride the Dis- mal Kingdom, you and your family are in for lots of ney Shuttle treats. You cant be any happier because you know you owe this vacation not only to your little kids but also to yourself. To ensure that you have nothing short of the perfect vacation, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.Arrive EarlyGetting to the theme parks early is always a smart move. As you probably know, Disney World is al- ways packed with people. But most crowds dont arrive until noontime or after lunch. To make the most out of your vacation, be sure to arrive early.2 5. Use the Disney World GuidebookThe Disney World Passporter is a comprehensive guide- book, complete with fold-out maps and tips for tours and attraction that you can use to plan out your trip to this place in advance. It would be wise to do the planning early on. Dont wait until youre at the park before you think about the rides that you would like to go to be- cause this will waste so much time.Take Regular BreaksIts tempting to go through all the rides because you wouldnt want to waste a second of your time while youre in this magical place. But taking regular breaks is a must. This is to ensure that you dont end up getting too exhausted to enjoy the other rides you havent tried 3 6. yet. Its best to take a rest from noontime to around the afternoon when the suns rays are strongest. Take Advantage of the Fast Pass The Fast Pass can save you from standing in long lines for the popular rides. You can avail them from Disneys official website or from the branches of its offices. Make sure you use your Fast Pass strategically. Use them only for rides that have very long lines.Pack Some Snacks and DrinksSurely enough, the exhilarating rides and attractions at this park will keep your stomach grumbling and your throat dried up for most of the day. Having some snacks and drinks readily available in your backpack not only satiates your hunger and thirst but also saves you money 4 7. (Disney food is expensive!) and time (the lines in the snack bars are long). Ride the Disney Shuttle While its nice to walk around the theme park, you can also make use of the free shuttle service, boats, and monorail that get people from one park to another. This way, you dont get too tired and youll still have some energy left to experience the exciting attractions in this theme park.Its very easy to have the time of your life in the home of Mickey Mouse. Be sure to check out the Disney World Packages available online so you wont have too much difficulty booking your trip. 5 8. Practical Guide for Disney Worlds Magic KingdomMagic KingdomeGuide:OpeningHoursMapParkingGetting to theParkGettingAroundRental RatesDining The Magic Kingdom is one of the most popular theme parks at Disney World. Opened in 1971, it is actually the first to be constructed among all the theme parks in the home of Mickey Mouse. Featur- ing different attractions like Adventureland, Mickey's Toontown Fair, Liberty Square, Frontierland, Fanta- syland, and Tomorrowland, this theme park surely spells a lot of fun not only for little ones but also for the adults.6 9. Opening HoursThe park opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 7 p.m. It closes late during busy seasons. It is always a good idea to ar- rive early in the park to avoid the long lines to the rides and the heavy crowds.MapEven before you get to the park, get a hold of the Magic Kingdom Map, which can be downloaded from the offi- cial website of Disney World. This is important so you can plan out in advance the attractions that you will want to experience while you are here. This will save you time and help you maximize your vacation.ParkingAll-day parking is available at this place for a fee of $14. Hotels.7 10. It is free for guests staying at Disney World Resort Ho- tels. You will not get lost because each park is named af- ter your favorite Disney Characters. It is best to park at the Minnie, Sleepy and Dopey lots, as these are located within walking distance from the ticket center.Getting to the ParkThe ticket center of this park is located across Bay Lake from the actual theme park. You can get to this attraction by riding the Disney Monorail or a passenger ferryboat. Getting AroundRiding the Disney World Railroad steam trains that go around the park is the best way to tour the park. You can board or alight this train at stations on Main Street, Frontierland, and Mickey's Toontown Fair. Aside from8 11. this, you can also ride the horseless carriages, fire en- gine, and horse-drawn trolleys that do one-way trips down the Main Street. Moreover, you can also choose among the six passenger motor launches and the three motor cruises that bring guests from Magic Kingdom to one of the five resorts in the area.Rental RatesEquipment rentals are available for a fee at this theme park. For example, strollers can be rented at $15 per day, lockers at $5 per day, wheelchairs at $10 per day and motorized scooters for $45 per day. DiningWhen it comes to gastronomic pleasures, Magic King- dom offers its guests with a wide variety of food selec-9 12. tions from simple snack carts that serve convenient chips, popcorn, nuts, burgers, pizza to exquisite restau- rants that serve fine cuisines and exude with sophisti- cated atmosphere. Magic Kingdom is a place of fun and enjoyment. Make the most out of your visit to this place by keeping this guide that will provide you with all sorts of practical in- formation that you would surely find helpful. Avail Dis- ney vacation packages that will give you discounts on accommodation to Disney Vacation Homes and Disney Hotels. 10 13. 7 Creative Ways to Save Money on an Orlando Family Vacation How to Save Money: Search Onlinefor the BestOrlando Ho-tels Beware ofTourists Traps Choose OffPeak Seasons Visit FreePlaces Choose theBest Hotels Many families are getting into the bandwagon of budget traveling. Families who opt for budget travel- ing recognize the value of taking vacations as a great way to bond and spend quality time with the family and the importance of saving money. If youre plan- ning to have a vacation to Orlando, here are some creative ways to help you cut down the costs of your trip.11 14. Search Online for the Best Deals in Orlando Hotels Budget Orlando vacation rentals are available widely if you use the online route. Utilize the top travel websites to collect and compare deals. Dont Fall Into Tourists Traps Do your research before you go to Orlando. Because this place is a top tourist destination, some people make a living out of taking advantage of tourists by charging ex- orbitant prices.Save on Food Food is very expensive in theme parks so its best that you pack your own food so you dont have to spend a lot during your trips to these places.12 15. Choose an Off Peak Season Everything is double or triple the price during peak sea- sons like summer, spring break, and holidays. Be smart and avoid these seasons and opt for one that will give you better value for your money and at the same time al- low you to avoid the heavy crowds that flock to Florida during the peak seasons.Visit Places that Are Free of Charge Contrary to what many people think, Orlando is plenty of these. Actually, this part of Florida is not just about Disney World, Universal Studios, or Sea World. It is also home to a wide variety of parks, museums, wildlife centers, and other attractions that wont cost you a penny. 13 16. Choose a hotel that offers free breakfast buffet This is smart because eating a lot at breakfast will keep you full for most of the day so you wont need to spend much buying food outside. When you talk about an Orlando vacation, the word, expensive will immediately come into mind. After all, the top travel destinations in this part of Florida are the world class theme parks like Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. Everyone knows the admission to these attractions do not come cheap. But do you know that Orlando is not just about these big-shot theme parks? The fact is, Orlando is filled with many other at- tractions that are free of charge. These places to visit will also provide you with a wonderful time and at the same time, keep your pockets happy. 14 17. People go on vacations to relax and have fun. What bet- ter way to do it than go some place where you could not help but do just that. It can only be Disney world, where every step you take would bring you from one ad- venture to another.The Disney experience is a certified stress reliever, as it would completely make you forget everything except the thrill and excitement that you can get from the sights, rides, shows, waterslides, and other recreational activities.Disney World with its four major theme parks and two water parks are best enjoyed with family, relatives, friend


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