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  • 5 Leden 2011 | 128. sezona 201011 www.narodni-divadlo.cz


    K poct hudebnho gnia27. 1. 2011ve Stavovskm divadle


    Tanen drama opt na scn Nrodnho divadla

    Pavla Beretov Foto: N. Ivanov

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    editorial e

    To be or not to be. A question familiar to everyone. Per-haps the most famous quotation in the history of thea-tre. Yet some may be familiar with this question on a more intimate, more personal level... The main characters in our new premiere (on 24 February) ask the question, or rather the question is asked of them, in diff erent connections. They are a troupe of Polish actors (some of Jewish origin) who have to apply all their professional skills and wits so as not only to survive in their Nazi-occupied country but also to help the Resistance. To Be or Not to Be is a black comedy from the theatre mi-lieu which, however, asks its heroes the fundamental, in this case more existential than existentialist question: Will you survive or not?The play is an adaptation of a 1942 Hollywood movie, writ-ten and directed by the German fi lm-maker of Jewish origin Ernst Lubitsch, whose family hailed from Poland. Both the text and its creator have a noble family-tree.On the stage of the Estates Theatre, in the production di-rected by Daniel pinar, the following artists will be acting for their very lives: Milue plechtov, Kateina Burianov, Hana evkov, Miroslav Donutil, Vclav Postrneck, Jan Dolansk, David Matsek, Vladislav Bene, Alexej Pyek, Filip Rajmont, Rudolf Strz and others.

    If the aforementioned comedy is partially inspired by Shakespeare, the author of the next premiere (on 10 Febru-ary) is the Bard himself. The play in question is The Taming of the Shrew.

    Today, we could consider this comedy off ensive to women. Indeed, it is impossible to overlook the fact that Petruchio undertakes the task of taming Katherine solely for money, but, on the other hand, she is truly unbearable. Yet he ap-plies methods that today border on a criminal act (torture both physical and mental). This degree of exaggeration can be expected from an extreme comedy. That which is not exaggerated, however, is the antagonism and, at the same time, attraction between the sexes, which we experi-ence today just as people did formerly. The urgent need to live together, as well as the impossibility of getting on and putting up with each other. An unfeasible task and an eter-nally topical problem. Come to the National Theatre to see the solution found by Igor Bare as Petruchio and Pavla Be-retov and Lucie kov alternating as Katherine. They will be assisted by Ji tpnika, Milan Stehlk, Jaromra Mlov, Jan Hjek, Petr Motloch, Petr Pelzer, Oldich Vlek, Vojtch Kotek and other actors.

    In conclusion, I would like to wish you happiness in 2011 and I sincerely hope that you at least visit the two most recent National Theatre Drama premieres: The Makropulos Case and Dirty Hands. I look forward to seeing you at the National theatre!

    Michal DoekalArtistic Director of the National Theatre Drama

    Ven a mil!

    Bt i nebt, to je otzka vem znm, nen snad slavnjho diva-delnho cittu, ale nkdo tu otzku me znt dvrnji, osobnji... Hlavn postavy na nov premiry hry Bt i nebt 24. nora 2011 si ji ovem kladou, i sp je ped n kladena, v jinch souvislostech. Jde toti o skupinu polskch herc (st z nich je idovskho pvodu), kte mus pout vechen svj profesn um a vtip, aby v nacisty oku-povan zemi nejen peili, ale i pomohli odboji.Jde o komedii z divadelnho prosted, kter vak svm hrdinm kla-de onu zkladn (v tomto ppad sp existenn ne existenciln) otzku: Peije, nebo ne?Hra je adaptac hollywoodskho fi lmu, kter napsal a natoil nmec-k reisr, id, jeho rodina pochz z Polska. Vzneen rodokmen m text i jeho tvrce.Na jeviti Stavovskho divadla uvidte v reii Daniela pinara hrt jako o ivot tyto hereky a herce: Milui plechtovou, Kateinu Bu-rianovou, Hanu Igondu evkovou, Miroslava Donutila, Vclava Postrneckho, Jana Dolanskho, Davida Matska, Vladislava Benee, Alexeje Pyka, Filipa Rajmonta, Rudolfa Strze a dal.

    Je-li svrchu zmnn komedie inspirovan sten Shakespearem, autorem premiry dal je vel-k Mistr sm: Zkrocen zl eny.Tuto komedii bychom dnes mohli povaovat za vi enm nekorektn. Skuten nelze pe-hldnout, e Petruchio se ujme kolu zkrotit Kateinu jen a jen pro penze, na druhou stranu je fakt, e Kateina je vc ne nesnesiteln. On vak pouv metody, kter dnes hrani s trestnm inem (tyrn fyzick i psychick). To se vak od drastick komedie d oekvat pehn. To, co pehnan nen, je onen antagonismus a zrove pitalivost pohlav, kterou provme dnes stej-n jako kdysi. Ta nalhav poteba t spolu i ta nemonost spolu vyjt a vydret. To kol nemon a problm vn aktuln. Pijte se podvat na een, kter v reii Martina ivka najdou Igor Bare jako Petruchio a Pavla Beretov s Luci kovou jako Kateiny, v Nrodnm divadle. Pomhat jim budou Ji tpnika, Jan Hjek, Milan Stehlk, Jaromra Mlov, Petr Motloch, Petr Pelzer, Oldich Vlek, Vojtch Kotek a dal.

    Nezbv ne popt hezk rok 2011, pozvat pinejmenm na dv posledn premiry inohry z loskho roku: Vc Makropulos a pinav ruce a tit se na shledanou v naich hleditch!

    Michal DoekalUmleck f inohry

    Michal Doekal Foto: P. Neubert

    tastn nov rok 2011!

    Happy New Year 2011!

    reie, scnick vprava a svteln design

    Robert Wilson

    Karel apek Vc Makropulos

    hudba Ale Bezina, kostmy Jacques Reynaudreijn spoluprce Ann-Christin Rommen

    svteln design AJ Weissbardspoluprce na kostmech Yashi Tabassomi


    f a



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  • pozvnka | invitation

    Bl se! Ji v prodeji!Nenechte si ujt

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    Zkuste tst a zskejte 1 + 1 vstupenku zdarma na pedstaven baletu Othello 8. 2. 2010. Sta sprvn odpovdt na jednoduchou otzku.

    Ze kter z uvedench lokalit nepochz dn ze zkladnch kamen Nrodnho divadla?a) ikov b) Karltejn c) Vyehrad

    Odpovdi zaslejte spolu se jmnem a kontaktnm telefonem na adresu soutez@narodni-divadlo.czPrvnch 10 sprvnch odpovd vyhrv.

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    Igor Bare foto ze zkouky: H. Smejkalov

    operaMOZARTOVY NAROZENINY 2011 Soprn: Kateina Knkov Basbaryton: Adam Plachetka Dirigent: Tom NetopilOrchestr Nrodnho divadla 27. 1. 2011 ve Stavovskm divadle

    Kateina Knkov a Adam Plachetka Mozartovy narozeniny 2011 foto: I. Sochorov


    inohraErnst Lubitsch Nick WhitbyBT I NEBTPeloil: Ji Stach Reie: Daniel pinarPremira: 24. 2. 2011 ve Stavovskm divadle

    UPOZORNN PRO PEDPLATITELE6. 1. 2011 ve 20.00 Copplia nhradn pedstaven pro skupinu B1

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    30. 4. 2011 v 19.00 Vc Makropulos pedstaven skupiny K1 zrueno, nhradn termn pro skupinu je 26. 4. 2011 v 19.00 ve Stavovskm divadle

    O vekerch zmnch budou pedplatitel informovni psemn. Dkujeme za pochopen.

    Copplia foto: M. Kolafov

    Georg Friedrich Hndel

    baletSergej Prokofj ev POPELKA Choreografi e a reie: Jean-Christophe Maillot Dirigent | Conductor: Sergej PoluektovHraje orchestr Nrodnho divadlaesk premiry 14. a 15. 4. 2011v Nrodnm divadle

    ND_05_sezona_128_rh.indd 2ND_05_sezona_128_rh.indd 2 17.12.10 19:5417.12.10 19:54

  • inohra

    inohrapremiry sezony 2010 / 2011 | premieres for the 2010 / 2011 season

    Karel apek VC MAKROPULOSReie: Robert WilsonPremira: 18. listopadu 2010 ve Stavovskm divadle

    David Hare JEDNODUE A NA COKOLIPeloil: Jakub korpil Reie: Michal DoekalJedin uveden: 30. listopadu 2010 na Nov scn

    Jean-Paul SartrePINAV RUCEPeloil Patrik OuednkReie: Ivan RajmontPremira: 3. prosince 2010 v Divadle Kolowrat

    William ShakespeareZKROCEN ZL ENYPeloil Martin HilskReie: Martin ivkPremira: 10. nora 2011 v Nrodnm divadle

    Nick WhitbyBT I NEBTPeloil Ji StachReie: Daniel pinarPremira: 24. nora 2011 ve Stavovskm divadle

    Tom VjtekS NADJ, I BEZ NReie: Ivan Krejesk premira: 19. kvtna 2011 v Divadle KolowratV koprodukci s Komorn scnou Arna Ostrava

    Josef TopolKONEC MASOPUSTUReie: Jan Antonn PitnskPremira: 26. kvtna 2011 v Nrodnm divadle

    Anton Pavlovi echovRACEKPeloil Leo SuchapaReie: Michal DoekalPremira: 9. ervna 2011 ve Stavovskm divadle

    Ve Stavovskm divadle se v lednu rozlou inscenace Molirovy hry DON JUAN v reii Jana Nebeskho.Pijte se naposledy pobavit pbhem nenapravitelnho svdnka!

    Miroslav Donutil jako Don Juan a Milan Stehlk jako Sganarel Foto: B. Holomek

    Umleck f inohry | Artistic director of the Drama: Michal Doekal


    Mediln partnei inohry

    ND_05_sezona_128_rh.indd 3ND_05_sezona_128_rh.indd 3 17.12.10 19:5417.12.10 19:54

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