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  • 1.Open Data Initiatives in Canada:Part of the OpenGov Conversation Tracey P. Lauriault Open Access Week:Carleton University Carleton MacOdrum Library - Room 102 Thursday, October 21st, 12:00-1:00pm Ottawa

2. Open Government 3. Open Government

  • Cultural change in government
    • Access mechanisms built in to new programs and services
  • Broad public consultation
    • Identify what the public needs to keep government accountable build trust
  • Open Accessible Reusable
    • Free or low cost, w/data stuctures to discover, understand, interpret and develop technology to use + citizen participation

4. Open Government Data Principles

  • 1. Complete:All public data are made available. Public data are data that is not subject to valid privacy, security or privilege limitations.
  • 2. Primary:Data are as collected at the source, with the highest possible level of granularity, not in aggregate or modified forms.
  • 3. Timely:Data are made available as quickly as necessary to preserve the value of the data.
  • 4. Accessible:Data are available to the widest range of users for the widest range of purposes.
  • 5. Machine processable:Data are reasonably structured to allow automated processing.
  • 6. Non-discriminatory:Data are available to anyone, with no requirement of registration.
  • 7. Non-proprietary:Data are available in a format over which no entity has exclusive control.
  • 8. License-free:Data are not subject to any copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret regulation. Reasonable privacy, security and privilege restrictions may be allowed. 5. Consultation 6. Gov. Consultations - Old School 2011/consultation/ContentReport-RapportContenu/index-eng.cfm Trusted, expensive, broad, tradional, & in this case overruled. 7. Cit. & Gov. Consultations - New Schoolhttp://transitcamp.wik . s/2007_Transit_Camp Citizen led, engaged, innovative, risk taking, creative change is expected.Needs to be more sustainable. 8. Gov. Consultation - Wrong School consultation-real-results/ 9. Citizens are building tools to encourage Gov. to be more transparent 10. Transparency - APP 11. Proactive Disclosure 12. Transparency-Visualization FFunction 13. Citizens want their leaders to be accountable. 14. Accountability 15. Page Scraping Screen / page scraping:is a technique in which a computer program extracts data from the display output of another program. The program doing the scraping is called a screen scraper. The key element that distinguishes screen scraping from regular parsing is that the output being scraped was intended for final display to a human user, rather than as input to another program, and is therefore usually neither documented nor structured for convenient parsing. 16. Accountability 17. Accountability 18. Accountability 19. Data to inform elections Community Development Halton 20. Cities in Canada are taking the lead 21. City of Nanaimo 22. District of North Vancouver 23. City of Vancouver 24. City of Calgary 25. City of Edmonton 26. Cities are building new governance structures 27. City of London 28. Open data is a dance performance between citizens and city governments 29. City of Toronto The Government The Community 30. City of Ottawa _ services/opendata/index_en.html The Government The Community 010/07/21/changecamp-ottawa-2010- open-data-terms-of-use-session/ 31. Ville de Montr al In Progress Stay Tuned!! The Government The Community 32. Cities are working together 33. G4 + 1 gov-20-and-open-data-sustainability -a-z/c/canada-topics-a-z/municipal -open-government- framework-work-in-progress.html 34. Hacktivists are building apps for citizens 35. Hackfests draftfest-canada-govcamp-2011/ http://miwhackathon . 36. Public participation app 37. City Apps4Contests 38. Provinces are also starting 39. BC Climate Change Data 40. The elder statesperson is NRCan 41. NRCan 42. Citizens are working together nationally 43. Advocates 44. The conversation has just started, and I hope we can mobilize our national knowledge resources at all scales to collectively work on resolving some of our toughest issues and to create a more open, inclusive & collaborative culture.


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