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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Online Cakes DeliverybyBlooming Flowerz</p> <p>Types Of Cakes You Can Send OnlineWhats the best part of a celebration? Well, its a cake! You sink your teeth in the fluffy, soft edible and wonder ah, what a beautiful life it is! The very aroma is tantalising, isnt it? And then, its a grand gifting idea as well! However, what it is that imparts the uniqueness to the various types? Why doesnt a chocolate cake taste same a vanilla or a butterscotch? The answer lies in the icing, which forms a gateau. Without it, the sweet food is like a pizza sans toppings. Here goes a list of the common types of icing cake you send online to a dear one.</p> <p>Black Forest</p> <p>Black ForestMuch like its name.</p> <p>Chocolate sponge cake layers.</p> <p>Whipped cream in between.</p> <p>Filled with maraschino cherries.</p> <p>Drenched in kirchwasser.</p> <p>Adorned with chocolate chips and shavings.</p> <p>Totally yummy</p> <p>Butterscotch Cake</p> <p>Butterscotch CakeButtery and sugary.</p> <p>Made of cream, vanilla, corn syrup, and salt.</p> <p>A white, soft, creamy delight.</p> <p>Adorned with stylish icing.</p> <p>Moist and mouthwatering.</p> <p>Tiers of cake and cream.</p> <p>Gourmet class.</p> <p>Vanilla Cake</p> <p>Vanilla CakeDelicate texture.</p> <p>Delicious crumbs.</p> <p>Moist and fluffy.</p> <p>A frosty look.</p> <p>Embellished buttercream roses.</p> <p>Absolutely palatable</p> <p>Chocolate Cake</p> <p>Chocolate CakeFully immersed in chocolate.</p> <p>Rich aroma of cocoa.</p> <p>Dark, sweet, silky, and moist.</p> <p>Traditional dessert of most occasions.</p> <p>The best-known cake in history.</p> <p>A preferred choice to send cakes online.</p> <p>A total magical edible in black</p> <p>Strawberry Cake</p> <p>Strawberry CakeBrimming with the taste of strawberries.</p> <p>Tart and sweet at the same time.</p> <p>A perfect gift for Valentines Day.</p> <p>A seasonal springtime delight.</p> <p>Are You Sending A Cake To Someone?Make sure you send only a freshly baked cake designed with alluring icing. You must choose a reliable online gift store for the purpose.</p> <p>Wondering Which?Try Blooming Flowerz. We send cakes, flowers, and gifts items across India to your near and dear ones.</p> <p>Contact UsBlooming FlowerzBenchmark InternationalP157, Lake Town, Block BKolkata 700089Customer Care: +91-9233366607 / +91-9233366617Email: order.bloomingflowerz@gmail.comWebsite :</p>