old dogs and new tricks: how a 90-year-old company learned to love social media

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Presentation delivered by Matt Broder, VP of External Communication during iABC's Social Media Summit (April 2011)


  • 1. Old Dogs andNew Tricks Matt Broder VP, External Communications Pitney Bowes Inc. April 15, 2011 Twitter: @ctwordsmith

2. Pitney Bowes 1920 2011 3. Pitney Bowes and Social Media Pitney Bowes #31 Source: mashable.com, 5/18/10 4. Pitney Bowes 5. Social Media is Part of Everything We Do Employee Innovation Marketing Customer Service PR Philanthropy/CSR Social Media Tools & Activities 6. Are the Conditions Right for SM Success? Organizational Questions Does your organization tolerate ambiguity? How about failure? Is reputation risk a major concern? Are experiments encouraged? Personal Questions Can you take on extra work? Are you a social media believer? Can you commit for the long haul? WELL POORLY NO PROB IM DEAD OH YEAH NOT REALLY FOR SURE NEVER I PROMISE MAYBE A WEEK UM, MAYBE NEXT QUESTION X MY HEART ON THE FENCE 7. You Need to Be Part of the Conversation 8. You Need to Be Part of the Conversation 9. My Heroes Mike Jill Mike Aneta Ben Colette 10. My Heroes Former CEO Open Mike blog IdeaNet Open Innovation PB Customer Forum Social Media Guru 2,500 Twitter Followers Customer Service @pbcares PR pro 5,400 Twitter Followers 11. Employee Innovation Basic Metrics 42 Challenges 3,000 Ideas Submitted 700 Ideas Implemented or Under Review Business Results Incremental Revenue Opportunities Increased Customer Satisfaction Increased Employee Satisfaction 12. Employee Innovation the PR Payoff "It goes far beyond management deciding to change and to innovate, and there are so many good ideas that could be acted on that are with the people who are right there every day, dealing with customers," says Pitney Bowes Chief Executive Officer Murray Martin. 13. Customer Service Quality, not Quantity Total Interactions # Responded To Positive Outcomes Monthly Customer ServiceTwitter Activity 14. Two Case Studies 15. Customer Self-Service: The Pitney Bowes User Forum forums.pb.com 16. Pitney Bowes User Forum Conversation Threads Message posts and replies Psychic rewards encourage participation 17. User Forum ROI

  • Forum Opens April 2008 -- Goal to Deflect Rate Change Support calls
    • 417,000 such calls in 2007
    • Typical support call costs $10 or more
    • Pitney Bowes staffs up temporary call centers to support Rate Change.

2008 Rate Change: A Case Study 18.

  • Drove traffic to forum from all rate change related pages on PB.com and from email
  • Rate change day: >10 times our average daily volume.
  • Moderators from Rate Change group and CSR handled questions
  • Customers answered many questions

ROI: 2008 Rate Change Forum Visits 19.

  • Specific answer posting
  • 20% deflection*

Calculating ROI: 2008 Rate Change

    • * Groundswell,Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, Forrester Research, 2008

General info posting 5% deflection* 39,065 views 7,817 saved calls $78K savings 500,000 total views 25,000 saved calls$250K savings 20.

  • Call deflection savings for Rate Change issues during May 2008alonewere more than $300K, or2-3 timesour annual cost for the forum...

ROI: 2008 Rate Change one month after the Forum was launched. 21. Karios our rising superuser Karioss Posts = $106,000 Online longer than 6 mos. 22. Customer Forum The PR Payoff 23. Holiday Mail for Heroes is a Partnership 24. Social Media is Integrated into Campaign Celebrity Endorsements Press Releases Program Website Card-Signing Events Media Outreach Social Media Tools & Activities 25. For social media, targeting is crucial 26. Once targeted, then engage Online blogger toolkit Blogger outreach Dialogue & response 27. No such thing as too much content 28. 29. Red Cross Landing Page Traffic Veterans day kickoff Final push before 12/7 PO box closing Fox News Coverage Social Media Drives 45% of Traffic 30. Social Media is Sticky 31. Traditional Media Results Also Strong Cumulative Media Stories: Cumulative Impressions: 861 million 2,081 32. Old Dogs and New Tricks Matt Broder VP, External Communications Pitney Bowes Inc. April 15, 2011 Twitter: @ctwordsmith


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