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Oceanic Zones Several factors used to divide the ocean in to distinct life marine zones light availability distance from shore water depth


  • Oceanic ZonesSeveral factors used to divide the ocean in to distinct life marine zones

    light availabilitydistance from shorewater depth

  • Zones of Light Availabilityphotic (light) zone: upper part of the ocean where light penetrateseuphotic zone is the topmost part of the ocean where light is strongest

    aphotic zone: lower part of the ocean where very little or no light penetrates

  • Photic Zoneeuphotic zone is where nearly all of primary production from photosynthesis occurshighest concentration of plantsAlgae, phytoplankton, and sea grassmost ocean fish live in this zone

  • Plants and Animals of Photic Zone

  • Aphotic Zoneno living plantshigh pressure, low temperaturesanimals survive by eating detritus or other animalsanimals must adapt to living with no light

  • Zones: Distance from the Shoreintertidal zone: where land an ocean overlapneritic zone: seaward from the low tide line, the continental shelf out to the shelf breakoceanic zone: beyond the continental shelf

  • Life in the Neritic Zonewell oxygenated waterlow water pressurestable temperature and salinity levelshome to photosynthetic lifephytoplanktonsargassum

  • Animals and Plants of the Neritic Zone

  • Oceanic Zonelarger creatureslife decreases with increasing depthwidest array of life (because it is a very broad area)

  • Animals of the Oceanic Zone

  • Water Depthpelagic zone: open ocean of any depthbenthic zone: includes any sea bottom surfaceabyssal zone: subdivision of benthic zone;deepextremely high water pressurelow temperatures

  • Benthic Zonelow oxygenation of waterlow temperaturesanimals here feed on detritus or other animalslittle or no plant life (depending on depth of water

  • Animals of the Benthic Zone

  • Abyssal Zonefloor of deepest parts of oceanmost bizarre animals found hereincredible water pressureabsolutely no lightvery cold temperatureshard to survive

  • Animals of the Abyssal Zone