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  • Objective Saputo Inc. Mozzarella Overview Operator Cheese Cutting.
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  • Saputo Inc. In 1954, Mr. Lino Saputo, persuades his father, Giuseppe to go into business. With $500 to spend on some simple equipment and with a single bicycle for making deliveries, the Saputo family founds the company that bears their name.
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  • Saputo Inc-Today Saputo Inc is comprised of 2 sectors and 5 division Saputo Markets in 3 food segments: Foodservice, Retail, and Industrial. Top 12 in the world Number of employees9700 Number of Plants48 Dairy Products Sector46 Canada26 United States15 Argentina2 Germany1 United Kingdom1 Grocery Products Sector2 Products sold in over 40 countries around the world
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  • Saputo Cheese USA Inc. 2,733 Employees Among the top 2 cheese producers in United States One of the leading Mozzarella producers #1 String Cheese Brands One of the Leading Italian Hard Cheese manufactures # 1 Brand of Blue Cheese Premium, Authentic Cheeses, Nationwide.
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  • Cheese Cheese is a generic term for a diverse group of milk-based food products All natural un-adulterated Cheese types have the same ingredient listing (Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes). Cheese is an Ancient food whos origin predate recorded history. The basics of cheese making: Separating the Solids into Curds, and the liquid into whey.
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  • Mozzarella Specifics Made in the Pasta Filata spun paste process Curds heated, kneaded and stretched during production Cheese stretches when melted Shorter Shelf Life than typical cheeses Live organisms High moisture Specific Melt Point Young; will not melt, excessive blistering and very tough, due to incomplete migration of milk components Old; oils off, too soft.
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  • Block Vs. Shred Vs. Diced Block cheese will perform better due higher moisture and lack of anti- caking agents. Limited optimum performance window, shorter shelf-life, higher labor costs Shredded cheese allows for convenience and less labor costs. Longer window of optimum performance and longer shelf life versus block. Higher cost. Diced cheese is perceived to allow for better portion control Offers slightly less coverage than shred.
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  • Whole Milk Vs. Part Skim Performance Characteristics Whole Milk has higher oil release (or sheen) and more flavor than Part Skim. WM cooks with less blistering/browning, which is the carmelization of milk sugar (lactose). Part Skim has less oil but blisters/browns quicker than Whole Milk product. Whole Milk has a richer flavor and softer texture with more stretch Part Skim melts a bit firmer and has a slightly more dense texture in the bite
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  • Cooking Performance Deck Ovens These generally produce the best results due to consistent temperatures. These average 400-475 degrees at approx. 12 minutes. Conveyor Ovens Designed for speed. These cook at higher temperatures for a shorter time period. Up to 550 degrees for 5 to 10 minutes
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  • Mozzarella Tiers Different variations required to meet customer taste preference, performance and pricing expectations Pizza Cheese- Mozzeria/Ottimo Outside of CFR Regulations for True Mozzarella Good sustainable texture, mild dairy flavor and economically priced. Traditional Stella/Arrezzio Very good stretch, and traditional flavor Wisconsin-Produced Lugano/Imperial Excellent stretch with rich dairy flavor Super Premium Saputo Premium Gold. Longest stretch, very rich flavor and reheat performance. Premium Price.
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  • What makes Saputo Premium Gold Different? When compared to other Mozzarella Cheeses Unique Recipe More Milk per pound of Cheese Giving more milk solids It takes longer to make Saputo Premium Gold Mozzarella Cheese.
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  • Saputo Premium Gold Mozzarella Cheese Leverage the difference of Saputo Premium Gold Mozzarella Cheese. Performance-Outstanding stretch, clean buttery dairy flavor, great holding time. Premium-Uniform melt, minimal burn, superior shredding and no oiling Pride-Generations of expert cheesemaking, highest quality cheese and packaging to fit operators needs.
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  • Pizza Trends Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day. Per Capita consumption is estimated at 23 lbs of pizza each year 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month, the vast majority eats it nearly 3 x a month. Source: Technomic 2010 Pizza Report
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  • Who Changed My Cheese???
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  • NW Distributor profile FSA Della Vita brand Mozzarella produced by DFA and Schreiber (CA) USFS Roseli produced by Saputo (CA) Sysco Seattle Arrezzio produced by Saputo (CA) Sysco Portland Arrezzio produced by Saputo (CA) Unified First street produced by DFA (CA) Alpine DFA California Gold McDonald DFA California Gold The Cheeseman Vantaggio (WI) produced by Saputo Apple Foods Vantaggio (WI), Bellissimo (CA), Gardenia (CA) produced by Saputo Merlinos Rumiano ROMA Northstar (SD) (Davisco), Various (MN) (Leprino), Milking Stool (CA) produced by Saputo
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  • NW Operator profile Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns, Pizza Schmezza, Abbys, Boston Pizza, Izzys Leprino pizza cheese Little Caesars Saputo Bellagios Gardenia/Saputo through Apple Foods Garlic Jims Sorrento Precious through The Cheeseman Papa Murphys - Saputo Hot Lips Sorrento Galbani label, Nampa, ID produced Pizzicato Sorrento Galbani label, Nampa, ID produced The Rock Saputo Gold MOD Pizza Roma Leprino Sahara Pizza Grande and Sorrento Kens Artisan Grande fresh Appizza Scholls Grande fresh
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  • Pre Cutting Worksheet What type of cheese do you use? Form: Loaf or Shred?_________________________________________ Fat Content: Whole milk, part-skim, or blend? ___________________________________________________________ Brand: Who makes and distributes the product? ___________________________________________________________ Ingredients: Does it have starch on the ingredient line? _______________________________________________________ Is it labeled as pizza cheese or mozzarella? ________________________________________________________
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  • Pre Cutting Worksheet What is the age of the current product in house? ___________________________________________ What type of oven are they using? Deck, Impinger, Mud Oven, Brick Oven, etc. _____________________________________ What attributes do they like best about the product they use? Melt, stretch, re-heat, color, flavor? _______________________________________________ What is their business model? Out of the oven to table top? ____________________________________________________ Delivery? ___________________________________________________________________ Slice served from display pies under warmer? _______________________________________


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