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  • Creating Oakley's Presence In an Online World By Brenden Bilodeau

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    What is Oakley?- - Oakley Inc. currently manufactures sport equipment including: sunglasses, sports visors, ski/snowboard goggles, watches, apparel, backpacks, shoes, and other accessories- Some of Oakley's top competitors are: Nike, Reebok, Quiksilver, Billabong, and Adidas. - Oakley Inc. was established in 1975 as a motorcycle grip manufacturing company

  • Campaign GoalsBranding - Create and maintain an online presence for Oakley - Display the Oakley brand on several social media websites to reach a wider audience - Obtain an Oakley handle that is consistent across all social media channels Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Transcend competitors by improving visibility and enhancing keyword marketing strategy - Utilize Google Analytics for monitoring and tracking purposes.

  • Branding StrategySocial Media- Maintain a consistent brand presence across different social media platforms - Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter - Utilize Facebook Offers to offer new and current customers promotions and discounts - Give a voice and personality to Oakley by engaging with followers-Answer questions, offer feedback, etc. -Create contests and limited edition products

  • Branding StrategyBlog- Oakley.com remails the heart of all things Oakley - Creating a blog allows for quick and efficient communication for clients and customers - A blog for Oakley will provide the customer population with instant updates, upcoming events, and new products - Allowing customers to ask questions and provide feedback directly shows that Oakley is committed to their customers and their needs not the needs of the company.

  • Search EngineOptimizationInternet marketing and the increase of Oakley's visibility. - Keyword research -Oakley needs to utilize not only the frequent and popular keywords in search engine indexes, but also the less popular and more specific keywords to increase page rankings.

  • Google Analytics- Google Analytics provides pay-per-click summaries - Aids in further analyzing SEO to better track traffic directed by online referrals - Integrate Adwords to track sales - Google Analytics provides detailed statistical reports of the visitors to the blog/website

  • BudgetThe Break Down: Blog:- Getting a blog built from the ground up, including design and template: $2,250- Monthly posts: $2,500/month @ 1-2 posts/weekFacebook:- Getting Facebook page set up, new friends/customer relationships: $1,000- Monthly content management: $1,500/monthTwitter:- Initial page setup, followers: $750- Monthly content management: $1,000/month Linkedin:- Initial page setup, connections: $1,750- Monthly content management: $1,500/monthYoutube:- Initial channel set-up: $1,500- Monthly content management: $500/month

  • The Big Picture- Formulating a marketing strategy for Oakley that has such a wide range of products is no menial task. -The overall idea is to focus on distributing the Oakley name by attaching it to more of their events, clients, and the internet. Also, to increase brand visibility through social medias, Google, and blogging.