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  • NTS Facility Spotlight: Chicago, IllinoisSpecializing in EMC, Environmental and Mechanical Testing

    Our state-of -the-ar t laborator y is posit ioned just outside downtown Chicago

    Mult iple EMI/EMC test chambers including a 5m oversized unit

    Discover the robustness of your product after exposure to harsh environments

    About NTS ChicagoNTS Chicago features a 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Mt. Prospect, IL. We

    have over thirty years experience partnering with customers to provide signi cant gains in

    compliance, reliability and durability. Our team guides your product through testing while

    providing seamless communication and program management. We have your solution to

    quali cation requiring both EMC and environmental simulation requirements such as military,

    avionics, automotive, off-road automotive and aerospace.

    This location houses full EMC/EMI capabilities and blowing sand/blowing dust testing to

    complement our long-standing environmental capabilities such as vibration, thermal shock and

    cycling, temperature humidity, acceleration, corrosion, altitude and HALT/HASS. With the addition

    of these capabilities, we can now offer a one-stop-shop solution to partner companies who want

    to get their compliant products to market quickly and ef ciently.

    EMI/EMC/ESD Testing

    5-meter semi-anechoic chamber with 10x10 door, 12,000 lb capacity turntable, vehicle exhaust system and troubleshooting projection screen inside the chamber

    Four EMI test chambers

    Reverberation Chamber for testing above 400MHz

    Large, sectioned ground plane with pre-con gured commercial immunity stations for expedited testing

    Full vehicle automotive testing

    Automotive Testing to JDQ 53.3, JDQ 202, JDQ 203, load dumps, transients

    Commercial Product Testing FCC, EMC Directive, CISPR, 61000-X-X

    Medical Directive Testing 60601-1-2

    Military MIL-STD-461 (D,E,F)

    Avionics RTCA/DO-160 ( D,E,F,G)

    Other customer standards as requested

    Dynamics Testing

    25,000, 18,000 and 6,500 force pound electrodynamic shakers

    Vibration at Temperature

    Constant Acceleration/Centrifuge

    Loose Cargo Vibration

    ISTA Package Testing

    HALT/HASS Chambers (30x30x30 and 48x48x48)

    Package Drop

    Chemical Testing

    Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid-Salt Spray (CASS)

    Chemical Compatibility

    Chemical Resistance

    Contamination by Fluids

    Fluid Compatibility

    Fluid Immersion

    Fluid Resistance

    Fluid Susceptibility


    Salt Spray/Fog/Mist



  • NTS Facility Spotlight: Chicago, IL

    Specializing in EMC, Environmental and Mechanical Testing

    Determine rel iabi l ity with thermal shock testing

    Our chemical engineers can offer a myriad of solutions for the most complicated chal lenges

    NTS Chicago's exper tise in HALT testing wil l f ind the l imits and discover the weak l inks of your products and systems

    Environmental Simulation Temperature/Humidity Testing

    9 standing chambers

    2 walk-in chambers up to 11x12

    Temperature ranges -70 to 130 degrees C

    Humidity control throughout condensing range of 5 to 90 degrees C

    Altitude Chamber

    100,000 ft. with temperature -55 to 150 degrees C

    Rapid Decompression, Explosive Decompression

    Thermal Shock/Thermal Cycling

    9 Single-Zone Thermal Cycling Chambers (varying sizes up to 36x36x36)

    10 Dual-Zone Thermal Shock Chambers (20x20x18 test volume) -75 to 200 degrees C

    Large Dual-Zone Thermal Shock Chamber (42x42x42) test volume

    Sand and Dust

    Blowing Sand: Wind speed > 18 m/s, ambient at 55 degrees C

    Blowing Dust: Wind speed from 1.5 m/s to over 20 m/s at ambient and 55 degrees C

    Settling Dust per IP5X and IP6X (under pressure)

    Ingress Protection IPXX, levels 1 through 9k

    Water Spray/Water Jetting, NEMA 250 Hosedown

    Icing/Freezing Rain

    Explosive Atmosphere

    Salt Fog

    CASS Testing

    Solar Radiation

    Gravel Bombardment

    Advanced Cycling and Abrasion Testing


    Electrical Testing

    AC/DC High Voltage

    Automation - High Speed Data Acquisition


    Continuity Monitoring

    Current Measure

    Dielectric Strength

    Dissipation Factor (Tam Delta)

    DWV - Dielectric Withstand Voltage

    High Pot


    Insulation Resistance

    Leakage Current

    Low-level Contact Resistance

    Moisture Insulation Resistance

    Power & Current Cycling

    Q Factor


    Resistance Temp Coef cient

    Surface/Volume Resistivity

    UN/IATA Battery Testing

    Voltage Drop

    Mechanical Testing




    Breaking Force/Strength

    Cable Endurance

    Compression/ Compression Set

    Durometer Hardness

    Fatigue Life


    Mechanical Durability/Cycling

    Peel Strength

    Push/Pull/De ection

    Resistance to Solder Heat

    Separating Force

    Shear/Lap Shear

    SolidWorks Fixture Design

    Strain Gauge


    Torque/Torsional Strength

    Lab Accreditations and Evaluations

    NTS Chicago is accredited to ISO 17025 through A2LA, certi cate numbers 0214.38 and 0214.39

    About NTSNational Technical Systems (NTS) provides test, inspection and certi cation services to help

    clients build better, stronger, safer, more reliable products and bring those products to market

    quickly and ef ciently. NTS engineers and technicians have extensive knowledge of current test

    and conformity requirements, both domestic and international over a range of industries including

    aerospace, defense, telecom and energy.

    NTS Chicago1660 Wall St. Suite 100Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

    www.nts.com | 1.800.270.2516sales@nts.com

    2017 National Technical Systems All rights reserved. Speci cations subject to change.