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Nina Simone. Early Life. Born February 21 st , 1933 in North Carolina Grew up in a poor family Gave her first recital at 12 Faced discrimination http:// =RvByxvEd8qA Given a chance to study at Julliard but ran out of money and had to quit. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Nina Simone

Nina Simone

1Born February 21st, 1933 in North CarolinaGrew up in a poor familyGave her first recital at 12Faced discrimination a chance to study at Julliard but ran out of money and had to quitEarly LifePresident Kennedy Shot and killed in TXLee Harvey Oswald killed and shot by Jack RubyMLK gives I have a Dream speechMedgar Evers killed by the Klu Klux Klan16th Street Baptist Church Bombing (white supremacist terrorism)

1963-a year to inspire rage

Although classically trained she played gospel, pop, folk and jazzWrote Mississippi Goddam in the same year MLK gave his famous speech in response to the assassination of Medgar Evers and other famous songs after MLK died. Civil Rights Singing

Written in response to death of Medgar Evers (to KKK) and to the death of four school girls due to a bombHides message in an upbeat tune but those words are meant to be screamed not sung.It quickly became a civil rights activist anthem and was banned in several Southern statesYou dont have to live next to me=>NIMBYismMississippi Goddam


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