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  • 2 Geographical features can be an advantage or a disadvantage in international trade.
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  • 3 To identify geographic features and related advantages To discuss the effects of location, time, and proximity
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  • 4 A countrys geographic layout determines how well its companies are able to trade. Success in international business means taking advantage of positive geographic features.
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  • 5 Geographic Influences on International Trade Geographic Features Geographic Advantages Geography and Trade Alliances between countries
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  • 6 Geographic Features Four Basic Geographical Features Topography Deserts and Tropical Forests Bodies of WaterClimate
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  • 7 Topography The topography of a country greatly influences a countrys ability to be self-sufficient and its overall economic well-being. topography the physical surface of a geographic area
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  • 8 Topography The use of cartography software can produce topographical maps which use contour lines to show elevation. cartography the science or art of mapmaking
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  • 9 Separate by Land and Language A geographic region in Spain called Basque Country is separated by mountains from the rest of Spain. Basque separatists want to establish their own country in their historic region. For many years, they have used political protests and more combative means in this quest.
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  • 10 Deserts and Tropical Forests Higher transportation costs exist in deserts and tropical forests. Fewer people live in deserts and tropical forests.
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  • 11 Deserts and Tropical Forests Deserts and tropical forests have a low population density. population density a measurement of the number of people living in a geographic area High population density areas have economic opportunity, but problems, such as crime.
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  • 12 Bodies of Water Rivers and lakes provide water for irrigation and support the movement of goods through the interior of a country. Shipping supports a wide number of industries and products. Areas without ports must find other, usually more expensive ways to move products.
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  • 13 Bodies of Water Question How does a countrys access to water affect its economy?
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  • 14 Climate A mild climate can promote industries, such as travel, tourism, and agriculture. Extreme heat and cold may limit a nations ability to trade by inhibiting crop growth and activities such as transportation.
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  • 15 Geographic Advantages and Factors Some cities or countries have a natural geographic advantage simply because of one key factor in business: location. Geographic features affect both economic development and international trade.
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  • 16 Location and Trade Routes Being located near bodies of water is one of the most important geographic advantages for international trade. Cities that are located near bodies of water often become important transportation centers.
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  • 17 Location and Trade Routes Analyze Why do major cities need good transportation systems?
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  • 18 Location and Trade Routes
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  • 19 Time Zones The farther away from a country you are, the greater the time zone disparity. New YorkLondonParis You should conduct business within the parameters of normal business hours.
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  • 20 Seasons Around the World Daylight is affected by a countrys north/south location. The seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are reversed from those in the Northern Hemisphere.
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  • 21 Geography and Trade Alliances In business, proximity often leads to closer trade relationships. proximity the physical nearness of one thing to another NAFTANorth AmericaEUEuropeASEANSoutheast Asia
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  • 22 Geography and Trade Alliances North America South America Middle East Eastern Europe Former U.S.S.R. Pacific Rim Common Trade Regions Central AmericaEU Region
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  • 23 Geography and Trade Alliances Countries that are in close proximity often share a common language. Countries in close proximity have lower shipping costs. Sometimes, economic alliances have counterparts in military partnerships.
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  • 24 Economic and Geographic Influences Geographic features play a part in creating economic advantages and disadvantages. Geography affects trade through location, time zones, and proximity. Trading partners are often physically close together on a world map.


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