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<ol><li> 1. Newborn Photography Tips &amp; Tricks By Bellevue Photo Studio </li><li> 2. Capture the smile! </li><li> 3. Black &amp; White is beautiful </li><li> 4. Focus and clarity is key </li><li> 5. You dont need the baby looking into the camera </li><li> 6. Capture moments when the baby is playing and its natural self </li><li> 7. Make sure the baby is comfortable in the position, else let it settle in comfortably before clicking </li><li> 8. Moments with parents are always special </li><li> 9. References: About newborn photography Newborn photography New York Institute of Photography Volunteer photographers document newborn babies' brief time on earth Newborn Photography Session is a Unique Gift Idea for a New Mom! </li></ol>