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  • s we go to press, wehave received wordfrom Rome that Fr

    John T. Dunlap, Regent of theSub-Priory of Our Lady ofLourdes, and Co-Hospitaler of the NYC Area, has beenelected to the Order of MaltasSovereign Council (theGovernment of the Order).Our warmest congratulationsgo to Fr John on this honor.As is required by the Code ofthe Order, John has steppeddown as Regent of the Sub-Priory. Fr James-Michaelvon Stroebel of the FederalAssociation will serve asActing Regent until an electioncan be held. We look forwardto continuing to work withJohn here in NYC, and wishhim well as he serves theOrder in this new capacity.The interests of the AmericanAssociation will be well repre-sented in Rome!

    At the same time, Dan Kelly,President of the AmericanAssociation, has been elected tothe Govern-ment Council whichacts as an advisory board to theSovereign Council. Again, in



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    Spring 2009 Newsletter

    JANUARY 15 - 18 2009

    he Code of the Order of Maltarequires that every five yearsHMEH the Grand Master

    convene a Chapter General of the Orderto elect the Sovereign Council, theGovernment Council and several othercommittees. A Chapter General wascalled for June 8th and 9th, 2009 inRome.

    In recent times, it has been the cus-tom to hold a seminar earlier in the yearto formulate policy and make organiza-tional recommendations for considera-tion by the Sovereign Council during itsnext quinquennium. The previous semi-nar was held fiveyears ago in Maltaand this year it was held in Venicefrom January 15ththrough 18th.

    This yearstheme was Ten Years Ahead. AllGrand Priors,Regents, Presidentsof Associations,Professed Knightsand Ambassadorswere invited to attend. The GrandPriories, Sub-Priories and NationalAssociations all sent delegates. I attend-ed as Regent of the Sub-Priory of Our

    Lady of Lourdes. Chancellor of the Sub-Priory Desmond and Patricia McCarthyattended as delegates. Richard Armstrongcame as a Professed Knight of the Order. President Dan Kelly was there with his wife Rosemary. AssociationChancellor, Jack Pohrer, attended as well

    as the Hospitaler, JoeMetz with his wife, Elissa. Co-Hospitaler, MaryMcCooey, was thereas was Treasurer,Jim OConnor withhis wife, Anne. TomCarney attended as a member of theGovernment Counciland Tom Flood came with his wifeSarah as member of

    the Orders Communications Committee.Bob Shafer, the Orders Ambassador tothe United Nations, also attended withhis wife, Ellen, who was a delegate.

    Venice International Seminar


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    Letter from the Chair

  • 2

    Lourdes Time, For The First Time

    he bright yellow quadrangles we see from the airplane landing inToulouse announce the inexplicable light that cuts through the rainiesttimes On the bus to Lourdes we recognize that the intense yellow

    comes from flowers that are cultivated in that region of France and Spain andalongside the Mediterranean coast as well. The drive by the feet of the Pyrnesmakes us start to face how small we all are and how much strength can comefrom our surroundings. Nature poetically hints all the elements of the spiritualjourney about to begin.

    People, places, stories, masses, processions,meals, chats, piles of beautiful basilicas on top ofone another, slices of history and stories mergingand intertwining. Tolerance, understanding, andloving our neighbor. Great cappuccinooh well, it isclose enough to Italy for the French to know whatthey are doing Reflections with the teenagers andice cream party with the kids. Footsteps ofBernadette and the silent beauty of the Grotto atnight. Compelling sermons. Playing the flute at allmasses, especially for the anointing of the sick, andthe benediction at Basilica Piu X. My spirituality,others spirituality, the malades and the overwhelm-ingly pungent presence of one of the deepest philo-

    sophical Catholic dilemmas of all timeshow and why there is maladie in theworld. Adults seeking for a cure, adults asking God for strength to deal with nocure. Parents praying for a miracle and children naively (or wisely?) enjoyingan atmosphere of non-judgmental acceptance, where people dont need to qual-ify in order to give or receive love. Children living in the present, sometimesmore than the adults who care so deeply for their future. The newness of wear-ing the uniforma constant reminder that, despite all differences, we are trulyall the same, and we are all in this world together. Inspirational speeches at thefarewell party at Hotel DEspagne.

    From such a deeply moving andintense week, with the added impact ofbeing a first-timer, it is difficult to selectsomething to share as my first impression.Yet, there were two clear highlights of mypersonal journey in Lourdes: the candle-light procession on Friday evening, and thealtered perception of time.

    The Candlelight Procession

    Thirty thousand people comingtogether and faithfully chanting the samemelodies in so many different languages atsuch a beautiful Marian site is in itself verypowerful. It went much beyond that.Toward the end of the candlelight proces-sion, groups get split. Only the malades and one caregiver per malade can move

    by Celina Charlier

    Celina playing the flute during Mass

    keeping with the requirements of theOrder, Dan has resigned as Presidentand has been succeeded by JackPohrer, Chancellor, who will serve asActing President until elections areheld in the fall. Dan has done anexceptional job as AmericanAssociation President for the past sixyears and he, too, is to be congratu-lated.

    We are grateful to the membersof the Membership Committee andothers for their efforts this spring inproposing new candidates for theOrder. A total of 20 NYC Area appli-cations for 2010 were submitted tothe Association's MembershipCommittee. You will learn moreabout these candidates in the nextNewsletter.

    As always, the Pilgrimage toLourdes was a great success andmany from the NYC Area were repre-sented as Members, Auxiliaries,malades and care givers. We encour-age you to read the articles con-tributed here by two 2009Candidates in their Year ofPreparation who participated intheir first Order of Malta Pilgrimageto Lourdes.

    We wish you all a wonderfulsummer and hope to see many of youon September 8th for the Mass inhonor of Our Lady of Philermo.More details will be provided closerto the date.

    Confraternally yours,Rory and Camille Kelleher


    Fr. John McGuire, OP and Celina

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    Letter from the Chair

  • rchbishop Dolanvisited the TerenceCardinal CookeCenter on Friday

    June 12th to tour the facilityand celebrate Mass for theresidents. The Mass wasattended by a number ofMalta Knights and Dames,and was followed by aluncheon reception on therooftop terrace of TCC. TheArchbishop expressed hisappreciation to the Order ofMalta for all it has done tosupport TCC over its31year existence. TheOrder of Malta serves the facility in many capacities: mem-bers serve as Trustees, benefactors, and most of all, as vol-unteers. Among those attending the luncheon were Msgr.

    James Cassidy, Bob Dall, Henry Humphreys, RogerWeaving, Lou Cappelli (whose company, Sterling NationalBank, underwrote the luncheon), Charles DeBenedittis,Joan Stout, Rory and Camille Kelleher.

    Archbishop Dolan Celebrates Mass At Terrence Cardinal Cooke Center


    S P E C I A L

    P R O J E C T

    Over 400 delegates participated in all.

    The seminar was held at the Hilton Molino StuckHotel, a very large former 19th century factory that hadbeen converted into a modern hotel. It is situated on theGiudecca, an island located across the lagoon from Veniceproper. The Giudecca was the medieval Jewish Ghetto ofVenice. All travel to and from the island was by boat. Itseemed very strange indeed to be picked up at the airport

    Venice International Seminar


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    As many in the Area know, theChapel at TCC has been an integralpart of the Orders activities inNYC for many years. And, asmany who regularly participate inSunday Mass each week canattest, the Chapel is sorely in needof a face lift. The estimated cost ofrenovation is about $25,000, including anupdated audio system. In the past, we have donatedfunds raised from our various NYC activities to TCCsgeneral fund. This year, we will be channeling ourefforts more directly to renovation of the Chapel. Withproceeds generated by the 2008 and upcoming 2009Christmas parties and other events, plus profits fromsales of items by the Auxiliary, we believe we can assistTCC in the refurbishment, thereby freeing up TCCsfunds to be used more directly for the sick and infirm.Members wishing to contribute to the project may sendchecks, payable to Order of MaltaNYC Area, toCamille Kelleher, 1165 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY10029.

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    by boat and taken to the hotel. Theweather was cold and rainy for themost part and Venice was oftenshrouded in fog which only added toits mystery and magic.

    The day before the seminar beganmuch business of the Order was con-ducted. I attended a full-day meetingof all the Professed Knights withHMEH the Grand Master and HE theGrand Commander. Meetings werealso held among the Presidents tochose delegates to the ChapterGeneral in Rome. That day there wasalso a luncheon meeting of the Regentsand a meeting of the Moderators of theWorking Groups. I am pleased toannounce that Dan Kelly was electedby the Presidents and that I was elect-ed by the Regents to attend the ChapterGeneral in June.

    All delegates were assigned to oneof 12 working groups