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<ul><li><p></p><p>WORLD PUMPS May 2014Product news8</p><p>Latest Hi-Clean pumps are introduced by Verder</p><p>Swedish group releases new pulsation dampener</p><p>Verder has introduced a hygienic double diaphragm pump series to complete its existing collection of Verderair VA and Pure diaphragm pumps.</p><p>The company's Hi-Clean diaphragm range of pumps consists of food grade and food safe polished diaphragm pumps, according to EC1935/2004 &amp; FDA and 3A. The pumps are available </p><p>with Tri-Clamp or DIN 11851 connections, a series of high grade nished milk &amp; dairy diaphragm pumps and a series of hygienic piston diaphragm pumps for the emptying of barrels.</p><p>The Hi-Clean pumps are CIP, SIP and strip cleanable, are true self priming and are executed with overmolded diaphragms. Ball valve models (25mm solids particles) and ap valve models (63.5mm solids particles) available.</p><p>Application areas are found in milk and dairy (cheese, yoghurt, milk), beverage (fruit, wine and beer), food (high viscous pastes) and personal care products (shampoo, hand and facial crmes). Maximum ow is 568 l/min, maximum viscosity is 20,000cP.</p><p></p><p>Swedish business Tap o has intro-duced a new pulsation dampener </p><p>The media is pumped through the pulsation dampener, and passes a pneumatically controlled diaphragm. The diaphragm coun-teracts the pulsations that are inherent in the design of a pneu-matic double diaphragm pump, lowering them with up to 90%.</p><p>''Tap o's series of pulsation damp-eners are now supplied with an upgraded design, o ering increased reliability, higher resistance against chemical attacks and with a wide range of installation designs,'' said Tap o Group CEO and managing director Hakan Ekstrand.</p><p>''Industrial and sanitary executions are o ered, in non-metallic mate-rials PE and PTFE, as well as in acid proof steel AISI 316. A unique design is utilised in the PTFE </p><p>dampeners, in order to avoid the commonly seen material expan-sion, when using PTFE.''</p><p>Tap os new series of pulsation dampeners have been perform-ance tested at Sweden's technical research institute.</p><p>Mr Ekstrand said: ''We now also o er an installation, where the Tap o pulsation dampener and the Tap o Guardian pump control system are combined in a single unit. This compact unit gives the pump user not only a smooth ow, but also a system that continuously monitor the condition of the diaphragms, stopping the pump in case of a failure.''.</p><p>Tap o develops and manufactures compressed air powered and centrifugal pumps for industry. </p><p>www.tap </p><p>New miniature air operated diaphragm pump unveiledThe new CU15 miniature air oper-ated diaphragm pump from Clark Solutions features a maximum ow rate of 17LPM (4.49GPM) for pressures up to 70M (99.7PSI).</p><p>Clark Solutions has introduced the CU15 Series Miniature air operated diaphragm pumps for pumping liquids with very high viscosity, including those containing suspended solids. The CU Series miniature diaphragm pumps are available in a range of component materials to facilitate optimum chemical compatibility.</p><p>Available pump body materials include polypropylene (PP) with maximum temperature of 60C (140F), or ECTFE with a maximum temperature of 95C (203F). The CU mini diaphragm pumps are designed for applications with high humidity, and are also ATEX </p><p>certi ed for potentially explosive atmospheres.</p><p>CU mini diaphragm pumps do not require lubricated air and feature a stall-prevention pneumatic system to assure safe running. These pumps have self-priming dry capacity of 3m (9.84ft), even with considerable suction head. In addi-tion, CU Series pumps o er ne tuning of speed without pressure loss and resist damage resulting from dry operation.</p><p></p><p>First IFAT Eurasia event is announced for 2015The rst IFAT Eurasia will take place next year, 16-18 April 2015, at the Congresium International Conven-tion &amp; Exhibition Centre (CICEC) in Ankara, Turkey. The event is being staged by the new Turkish subsid-iary of Messe Mnchen Interna-tional, MMI Eurasia.</p><p>Gerhard Gerritzen, deputy managing director of Messe Mnchen, said: "We made a delib-erate choice of Ankara as the loca-tion for IFAT Eurasia because of the citys central location and political connections.</p><p>''Environmental markets in general are strongly linked with the respective governments. As the capital city and centre of politics in Turkey, Ankara is the place where the management and implementation of modern envi-ronmental themes is concentrated and new draft legislation gives </p><p>rise to demand for technology."As well as being the seat of government, Ankara is also home to many associations, educational institutions and non-governmental organisations.</p><p>As a new environmental tech-nology trade show for the Eurasian market, IFAT Eurasia is the latest addition to IFATs events.</p><p>Mr Gerritzen added: "Turkey is very well positioned geographically and it is at the heart of a wider economic area with international markets that are so far little explored. Ankara has an excellent transport infrastructure, which means that this event is easily accessible for an audience of trade professionals from various indus-tries right across Turkey and the near east."</p><p></p><p>Verder's Hi-Clean pumps are CIP, SIP and strip cleanable.</p><p>Clark Solutions' miniature air operated diaphragm pump CU15.</p><p>WOPU0514_ProductNews 8 29-04-14 11:50:16</p></li></ul>


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