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Need-to-Know Facts about Joint Replacement SurgeryJoint replacement is an orthopedic procedure where a dysfunctional joint is replaced with prosthesis. This can help prevent further damage to the joint and provide a longer and better life for the patient. Joint replacement is being practiced worldwide and hip replacements and kneecap replacements are the most common procedures being done. There are many situations that may call for joint replacement surgery such as sports injuries, bone disease, accidents and old age. Preparing for joint replacement surgery can be overwhelming; patients may become anxious while waiting for the day of their operation. Institutions like the Orthopedic Joint Center in Northern California can help patients deal with their anxiety before their operation. The Center helps by educating patients about the benefits of undergoing joint replacement surgery, which can lessen their anxiety about the procedure.The education provided by the facility is not only limited to the benefits of getting ailing joints replaced. Patients who will soon undergo surgery can also learn more about the procedure itself and the care routine and physical therapy that is usually required after surgery. The Center likewise provides rehabilitation programs for post-operative patients. After joint replacement surgery, patients need to be rehabilitated so they become accustomed to their new body. There are various physical therapy programs available for each type of joint replacement procedure that ensure patients are able to fully utilize the newly-placed joint and that the body adapts to the new part. During the rehabilitation process, patients not only undergo the physical healing process, they are also given a chance to learn more about how to deal with the impact the new body part will have on their life and that of their families.Group therapy sessions are also provided in the post-operative programs for patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery. Patients have a group session with other patients where they can share their thoughts about the changes that they have undergone. A support group of family and friends is also encouraged. Post-operative programs also educate the patients family and friends on recovering from joint replacement surgery so they too can provide support to their loved ones. This makes the patients recovery faster and easier. This is the holistic approach to surgery utilized and encouraged by the Center.To find out more about what a patient can expect before, during and after any joint replacement surgery, Click here to check out the Centers website.