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A Tribute to The KingRemembering Elvis Presley

Women of Power

Showcasing Shakti through dance

Stage to Screen

National Theatre London brings Frankenstein to NCPAs stages


Danny Boyles

On Stage June 2011


1On Stage June 2011

chairmansfacility that members, as well as collaborators and supporters have been constantly requesting, is a proper theatre restaurant and caf that would cater, not only to young visitors to the NCPA and members before and after performances, but also to the general public, to spend time in pleasant surroundings and enjoy culinary delights over a wide range of cuisines. In accordance with these requests, a new restaurant, christened Amadeus, will be opened around mid-June. One of the areas that need attention at the NCPA, is the inability to provide sufficient entertainment facilities for its members during the day. `We are basically a bunch of theatres that come alive in the evenings and have hardly any activities during the day. This is a situation we seek to remedy by gradually creating programmes and facilities, which will make the NCPA a desirable venue to visit from

from the desktions abroad, so that the best international offerings are available for viewing by NCPA members and the public. The NCPA will also embark on a new property named NCPA Legends, where we will ask current artistes in various genres to pay tribute to legendary performers in all spheres of music. The first concert will feature the popular Gary Lawyer, paying tribute to the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. We will also screen Elvis films a few days prior to the performance. In Indian dance, we will be highlighting the Devi, the female character of Indian Dance. We have also decided that we will be highlighting future performances in each issue of On Stage, so that members can mark their calendars well in advance, and also arrange for early openings at the Box Office.


breakfast to dinner time. Its vast spaces should be filled with events that will make it an attractive destination for people from all walks of life. An exciting event this month is the first major collaboration the NCPA will have with a prestigious foreign organisation, the National Theatre in London. Although we are offered direct broadcasts of their plays, this would obviously be inconvenient due to the time difference. We have therefore decided to show these unique events very soon after the actual performance in London. The NCPA is equipping one of its theatres to ensure a thrilling experience and theatre goers will be surprised at the quality of the presentation provided. Watch out for the announcement in this first series of performances with Danny Boyles Frankenstein. In the future, we hope to have many such collaborations with prestigious organisa-

Khushroo N. Suntook

On Stage June 2011


J U N E 2 0 11


Danny Boyles

Danny Boyles Frankenstein will send shivers down Mumbais spine this summer!

Lettersto the editorIt was indeed an ecstatic experience attending the Mudra Dance Week, 2011. The entire range of performances, with such great dancers from various styles, was beautifully organised and presented. I thoroughly enjoyed the flavours of each of the genres and will look forward to the same in the forthcoming events. Amrita Mukherjee NCPAs Mudra Dance Week truly showcased some of the finest artistes who are exploring the depths of Indian classical dance today. In particular, Margi Vijayakumars Poothana Moksham was a spectacular performance. One was left completely mesmerised, forgetting that the dancer was a male, in sthree vesham! Also, it was a rare treat for Mumbais dance lovers, for whom Kathakali performances in their home town is quite a rarity. Purnima Patni Please feel free to write in with your comments to Lily Shroff (Relationship Manager On Stage). We are committed to providing you with an enjoyable magazine and look forward to your feedback after each issue. Wed like to know what you think about our programmes and our stories, and look forward to bringing you exciting events on an ongoing basis. You may send an email to with your comments and feedback.

NCPA On Stage Magazine Relationship Manager: Lily Shroff Consulting Editor: Anushree Chatterjee Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Jaideep VG Editorial Co-ordinators: Divya Mishra, Priyanka Mathur Hilda Darukhanawalla Art Director: Rahul Das National Photo Editor & Art Director: Chirodeep Chaudhuri PR Manager: Rashmi Dhanwani Senior RM Sales (West): Vishwanath Shanbhag Designers: Brijesh Gajjar, Chittaranjan Modhave Digital Imaging: Devang H Makwana Published by Deepak Bajaj for The National Centre for the Performing Arts, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021. Produced by

Project Management TeamEditor in chief: Naresh Fernandes Chief Operating Officer: Rajnish Rawat Chairperson: Smiti Kanodia

Editorial Office Essar House, 11 KK Marg, PO Box No. 7964, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 400 034. E-mail: Printed at Ganesh Mudra, 208 Atlas Mill Compound, Near Reay Road Station ( W ), Dr Baristor Nath Marg, Mazgaon Mumbai 10 Materials in On Stage cannot be reproduced in part or whole without the written permission of the publisher. Views and opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher. All rights reserved. NCPA Booking Office 2282 4567 / 6654 8135 / 6622 3724 We look forward to your feedback and suggestions on the NCPAs programmes, as well as our magazine On Stage. Please do write in to The Editor On Stage, The National Centre for the Performing Arts, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 or E-mail, or Fax (022) 6622 3830.

NCPA DepartmentsNCPA Chairman: Khushroo N. Suntook Marketing, Sales & Administration: Deepak Bajaj, Director Jt. Executive Director: D. B. Biswas Indian Music: Dr. Suvarnalata Rao, Head Programming International Music: Farrahnaz Irani Sr.Manager Programming Theatre & Film: Deepa Gahlot, Head Programming Dance: Amrita Lahiri, Head Programming Centre of Photography as an Art Form: Mukesh Parpiani, Head Piramal Art Gallery

contents10A tribute to the King of Rock n Roll On Stage Explores Shringar rasa On Stage Global World Views Programme GuideThe NCPA pays tribute to Elvis Presley. Lily Shroff takes us through this musical journey.

Stage to Screen

Deepa Gahlot tells us why watching the theatre broadcast of Danny Boyles Frankenstein is a must-do this month.

04 14


Isabel Putinja studies jewellery, one of the prime aspects of an Indian dancers couture.

A look around the world for the most exciting performing arts events in June.

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All of Junes events at the NCPA.

Glimpses of April and May 2011 July 2011 Highlights NCPA News

All that was memorable in the last two months.


What to look forward to in the coming month.

Women of PowerOdissi and Bharata Natyam dancers pay homage to the eternal Shakti through their performances. Karanjeet Kaur tells us more.

New developments at the NCPA.

On Stage June 2011


Stage t ScreenA collaboration between the NCPA and Londons National Theatre allows Mumbai audiences to experience the best of British Theatre. Deepa Gahlot tells us more


he NCPA always endeavours to bring its audiences the best theatre projects from across the world. For the first time in India, a collaboration with the UKs National Theatre will enable audiences in Mumbai to see what the world is watching not on stage, but through high quality digital recordings shot live. The National Theatre Live (NT Live) is a ground breaking initiative to broadcast the best of live British theatre around the world. The first NT Live production, which will be showcased only at the NCPA, is Danny Boyles smash hit, Frankenstein. This grand stage version of the Mary Shelley classic, adapted by Nick Dear, has a cast led by Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller alternating the roles of Victor Frankenstein and the Creature. Audiences will have the chance to see both combinations. Described as visionary, mesmerising, stunning and brilliant, the production by the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire director, has garnered rave reviews in the press.

5On Stage June 2011

Danny Boyle's Frankenstein comes to send chills down Mumbai's spine

In this gothic horror story, a scientist makes a human creature out of separate body parts and brings him to life. Then, horrified at the sight of the monster he has created, he casts it away. The ugly innocent creature encounters hostility and cruelty wherever he goes and in desperation, then sets out to track down his creator Urgent concerns of scientific responsibility, parental neglect, cognitive development and the nature of good and evil are embedded within this thrilling and deeply disturbing classic gothic tale, reads the NT Live release. The first ten weeks of Frankenstein were sold out in advance; after its resounding success, the production run was extended. The performance of the play has been broadcast to 375 screens around the world so far. According to estimates, over 100,000 people worldwide watched the shows. Upto eight cameras were employed to capture the broadcast the same and make it dynamic and visually exciting. In an interview with The Times, London, Boyle said, I havent directed plays for 15 years but Frankenstein has been on my mind for a long time. I first talked to the playwright Nick Dear about the idea of doing an adaptation of Mary Shelleys novel when we worked on The Last Days of Don Juan at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Nick


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