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  1. 1. Nature Walk Photos Project Write Summer Camp 2010 at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush
  2. 2. Photo !"ghts During an afternoon Nature Walk to a park near the Benjamin Rush Arts Academy, we had an opportunity to take pictures of nature revealing secrets, wounds and beauty . We hope you enjoy our photography.
  3. 3. Photogra#ersAdriane AdeshigbinAlyssa Hudicek Abigail AppletonZeeshan Huque Danielle Berntsen Alexis Maldonado Simone Blakeney Madison Marker Dennis Brusilovskiy Thomas Molz Aria Chambers Tatyana Moroz Amanda GleasonPatrick Peou Chris Jacildo Garrett Watson Edmillie Jean Julian Watson 1
  4. 4. In the day, shining bright, the river shimmers in morning light, surrounded by green with patterns so bright, the river is a beautiful sight! (Allysa)2
  5. 5. A ripe, wild, secret hidden by dense underbrush, will only be revealed when the light kisses the small, sun sweet berry of Earth. (Zeehan) 3
  6. 6. Unusual fungus on the tree reminded me of sea shells. Although we were in a woodsy area, this showed beauty and age of the tree itself. (Madison) 4
  7. 7. This picture depicts a soothing calm mood that is created by the stream. The trash, rocks, and water blend well together. (Adrienne) 5
  8. 8. This chosen photo denes what nature truly can be. In my opinion, it's a very peaceful, serene image showing true beauty. Tom 6
  9. 9. Yesterday, we all had the privilege of snapping photos of nature in the woods. The V formation of the tree trunk frames the plant life. Chris7
  10. 10. In my photo this lush green area includes a stream that travels under a bridge. Kidson the bridge enjoy the sunny and bright spot. Julian8
  11. 11. In this bright picture, the wood on the ground and texture of the log are clear enough to see the layers of the fungus. Alexis 9
  12. 12. While at the creek I took a photograph of some branches that were covered with spider webs. This is a great picture because it shows life in nature and a spiders habitat.(Aria) 10
  13. 13. Nature is denitely the most amazing thing in our world. There's nothing better than seeing something, *NOT* man made. (Patrick) 11
  14. 14. This huge tree looked like an afro-cut . Its leaves were the curls. Abigail12
  15. 15. This litter infested stream creeps between tire spokes of a trashed and crumpled bike, leaving it clogged with hideous, revolting garbage. (Danielle) 13
  16. 16. The picture shows a dark tunnel lled with grafti that adds color to it. Exploring nature with my friends was cool. Tatayana14
  17. 17. The photo I took of the stream portrays a very relaxing scheme, as raindrops fall from leaves of overlaying trees when the wind blows. Dennis15
  18. 18. Yesterday I had the pleasure of going into mother nature and seeing some beautiful liter on its property. Rebellious teens drinking beer?! (Edmillie ) 16
  19. 19. This tree symbolizes unity. The trunk, like a mother, supports branches and leaves. Together they are rootedas a family. (Amanda) 17
  20. 20. In some way, everyone is a skilled photographer. They just dont know it yet. In this picture I love how the light hits the tree. (Garrett) 18
  21. 21. The pedals remind me of rays of sunshine spreading outtoward you for comfort on a summer day. ! Simone)19
  22. 22. 20
  23. 23. Project Write Summer Camp 2010 at the Arts Academy at Benjamin RushOur thanks to the Philadelphia Writing Project and to the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush for hosting the summer camp.
  24. 24. Project Write Summer Camp 2010 at the Arts Academy at Benjamin RushJuly 20101