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  1. 1. NATALIE TAYLOR UX portfolio 2015
  2. 2. IM NATALIE A native Manhattanite living in Brooklyn. I am a UX Designer and User Researcher, working and living by my process. Im passionate about uncovering insights identifying people's wants, needs and behaviors to design products that impact meaningful change. In developing strategies and designs, I look for the most elegant solution, the seamless key to elevating users, businesses and communities. Design, in its broadest sense, is the enabler of the digital era its a process that creates order out of chaos, that renders technology usable to business. Design means being good, not just looking good. CLEMENT MOK
  3. 3. MY EXPERIENCE Before diving into User Experience Design, I did PR and Marketing for almost four years at at full-service agencies. Through this work I developed a wide range of professional skills including: client communication, brand development and rapid adaptation. A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPERY MY PROCESS Im guided by the pursuit of elegant solutions. My process begins with an empathetic and unbiased exploration into the discovery of a single problem. I believe that ideas grow out of a problem uncover its roots and innovation will follow. Aways advocating for the user, I take an agile UX approach that is grounded and guided by research. Understanding the steak holder and user needs, I test and iterate on an idea until a usable and enjoyable design is realized.
  4. 4. Case Study | WE RADIATE Research startup with a mission to raise local awareness about the benets of composting, and to promote a new diagnostic tool used in the composting process. RESPONSIVE WEB PROJECT
  5. 5. MY ROLE Organized and led the research and user tests, identifying business goals, pinpointing target customers and uncovering their insights. Communicated these ndings into visual and written artifacts and reports, which served as advocates for the user and brand needs throughout the project. Collaborated with my team to translate these insights into a digital framework and features, and wrote the copy for essential elements. Conducted usability tests on various aspects of the site and its ow and created wireframes to iterate upon the feedback.. CHALLENGE The client approached us with a brand founded on a technology in the infant phases of development and presented us with an objective to create a digital space that would establish brand identity and serve its primary user groups in the immediate. SOLUTION Create a responsive WordPress site that provides a space for essential resources immediately welcoming users into the world of composting and a platform to build upon with the eventual technology. OBJECTIVE Work directly with company stakeholders to create a responsive website communicating the brand and its story and serving the the needs and demands of the primary user groups in a fresh way. TEAM TIME 18 days. DISCOVERY OUTCOMEOVERVIEW DESIGNIDEATION Natalie Taylor Jesse Cohen Matt Valenti
  6. 6. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS To understand the landscape in which the client would be entering with its new site, we researched websites that tackled urban green issues and conducted heuristic evaluations. We discovered some some inspiring features to adapt for the client and some not so inspiring areas in which the client could shine. Novel interactivity used at expense of clear content No single hub for community/urban composting resources We Radiate exists without ThermoSense Basic Purpose Solve for inefciency in composting. Mission Statement Redening the value of waste. POST-DISCOVERY We Radiate is ThermoSense Basic Purpose To collect data. Mission Statement The change in the waste management system. PRE-DISCOVERY STAKEHOLDER INTERVIEWS After in-depth interviews with the founder, we discovered that the company had a great understanding of composting and a passion for helping communities. However, they lacked clearly dened business or brand goals. Through branding exercises and targeted questions we uncovered We Radiates true essence, its minimum viable product MVP Impactful statistics effective in grounding abstract ideas Complex visualizations brought dry data to life, weaving elegant narratives NATALIE TAYLOR | UX PORTFOLIO 9 DISCOVERY OUTCOMEOVERVIEW DESIGNIDEATION
  7. 7. SURVEY We built an online survey to explore what moves people to care, opening with questions about involvement in past causes and ending with more targeted questions about composting. These were are key takeaways: USER INTERVIEWS We interviewed 18 people, including urban composting directors, city dwellers involved in composting, environmentally conscious city dwellers not involved in composting and a green tech investor. FIELD STUDIES I spent time at two community garden composting sites and observed the action. This exposed insights the users didn't realize they held. Big picture understanding of cause attract people Detailed feedback on personal impact motivate people An active community surrounding the cause retain people Written accounts of composting in context of the environmental crisis Visual data representation of up-to-date individual impact Interactive online forum connecting individuals and communities DISCOVERY OUTCOMEOVERVIEW DESIGNIDEATION PERSONAS Synthesizing insights we gathered, we identied ve user archetypes and developed cards detailing their stories, personalities and motivations. We referred to these cards as if they were the actual users, using them as litmus test for all of our design decisions.
  8. 8. SITEMAP We organized all of the possible features into three categories: (1) Necessary (t all personas and client could immediately fulll); (2) Nice (only t one persona, but client could immediately fulll); (3) Future (t all personas, but client not ready to fulll); (4) Discard (t only one persona, and client not ready to fulll) From there we organized the features into two different site maps: (1) A sitemap for initial launch (contained: all necessary and some nice features) (2) A sitemap for when clients future technology was to be launched (contained: all necessary and future features) WIREFRAMES At the start of the project we designed a low wireframe, which led to our rst roadblock upon the realization that the client did not have the content to meet his expectations for the site. This led to a major pivot in the project the decision to use Wordpress to create a fully functioning and NATALIE TAYLOR | UX PORTFOLIO 11 DISCOVERY OUTCOMEOVERVIEW DESIGNIDEATION adaptable platform which led to the new sitemaps and redesigned wireframes.
  9. 9. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE: LINK We delivered a fully responsive and usable website, along with a 30-page research report and guide outlining how the client could expand the website with the projected business and technological growth. The website provides a platform for the client to establish a voice and, eventually, communicate its future technology. DISCOVERY OUTCOMEOVERVIEW DESIGNIDEATION
  10. 10. WEARABLE DEVICE PROJECT Wearable device application connected to the JINS MEME smart glasses to correct posture Case Study | BACKBONE
  11. 11. MY ROLE Organized and conducted the research throughout the project, delving deep into the technology of the hardware and the brand identity and identifying the most relevant potential users. Created detailed delivers to dene the scope, direction and specic of the projects. Developed and conducted creative usability tests to understand how users would respond to alerts throughout the day and how they might be moved to break habits. CHALLENGE Grasp the details of the JINS MEME enough to identify its unique practical potential for solving back problems, without overstepping into murky, medical territory SOLUTION Create an app that helps to correct your sitting posture by providing guidelines, alerts and progress for readjusting posture OBJECTIVE This was a project for my User Experience Design Immersive at General Assembly. Our task was to design an app for the wearable device JINS MEME, a type of smart glasses, leveraging the technology in a unique way. TEAM TIME 10 days. TECH DISCOVERY OUTCOMEOVERVIEW CONCEPT & DESIGNUSER RESEARCH Natalie Taylor A.J. Cerami
  12. 12. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS While the Jins Meme is incredibly unique in its placement on the body and combination of sensors, we identied three potential competitors based on functioning, engagement and ow of their health apps. We conducted evaluations through examination of app store reviews and interviews with current users. HARDWARE ANALYSIS To understand how to leverage the JINS MEME hardware, we conducted a deep study of the technology, reviewing academic journals on all the individual sensors and how they interact together. Pro: he only wearable and app that monitors full posture. Visually attractive UI, including presentation of analytics Con: prone to inaccuracies due to placement as clip on shirt. Shallow analytics. Takeaway: Popular due to its attractive and easy use. However, very limited in its feedback and potential. Pro: Strong loyal base already established. Affordable and readily accessible and reliable. Con: Some users dont like the look of it. Cannot monitor posture. Limited it its use. Takeaway: Jins Memes high design is attractive to users, and so user-base will vary from this wearable. Pro: Beautifully designed product and interface. Promising in depth analytics and customizable alerts. Can be used without phone Con: Cannot monitor posture Not always accurate depending on skin type (i.e. dry skin). Takeaway: Will be biggest competition, but theres potential for partnering with Apple. I'm not really sure how accurate it is at xing your posture. You set the alignment yourself and it's hard to tell. It also can't catch everything, as long as your shoulders stay level it doesn't buzz. JawBoI wish there were an option for constant feedback outside of coaching sessions. Its hard to nd the time to set aside parts of my day for yet another self-improvement plan. I just want it to buzz me whenever I nd myself slouching DISCOVERY OUTCOMEOVERVIEW CONCEPT & DESIGNUSER RESEARCH EXPERT INTERVIEWS To gain gure out how to the positioning of the sensors in the device related to human movement, we interviewed a doctor at NYU Langone Medical Center, a physical therapist at Hospital of Special Surgery and a freelance chiropractor. We learned that the most common back problem is Text Neck, caused by our constant eye focus on phone and computer screens.
  13. 13. USER INTERVIEWS Once we narrowed in on Text Neck, we put out a survey to identify people who experienced the pain, which led to interviews with 15 potential users. Through the interviews we discovered the daily patterns that contribute to the issue and how those patterns could most effectively be disrupted and corrected. PERSONAS Based on user feedback (on their back pain, level of motivation to address it and attraction to trends in fashion), combined with the brands goals, we identied three main personas. These archetypes represented the groups of users who would benet most from the app, and who would also fuel brand growth. When I rst got an iPhone I was attached and it wasnt long before I started feeling really bad tightness in my neck. My mom took me to a doctor who said I had Text Neck. Neck pain is so common here among us techies that we call it Silicon Valley Syndrome. Its very uncomfortable, but, I need to do things that make sense and that I can see results from. Im in my cube at a computer writing emails all day. I feel it when I go home. My neck is always cramping. I do want to improve. I want to know when Im doing things wrong, without being made to feel bad. DISCOVERY OUTCOMEOVERVIEW CONCEPT & DESIGNUSER RESEARCH
  14. 14. 9:41 AM ProgressReal Time Real Time 134 Prole All straightened out! User moves around (1) User sets Daily Progress Report alert and exits app User taps timer Screen pulls up telling user to check out alerts when done exploring User taps on progress tab User taps on Prole User understands that it is lling up to 60m, but is curious as to why. User notices that dots are moving with her User is not invested enoufgh in the service to want alerts, so she decides to explore mor user deides she wants to know as soon as her rst progress report is in Progress tab with notice that prole User is not convinced she needs constant feedback alerts and is not interested in setting goals yet User opens app User receives alert that daily report iin User is on her commute home, which is when she was planning to review the app Rea time Sees shes currently in happy range taps on Progress tab Daily progress User shocked by how bad her posture was that day and is spurred to set up more alerts User taps on prole Prole Turns on the following alerts: (1) Sustained bad sitting posture for 10 min. (2) Time to take a lap (3) Weekly progress report (4) Tips ad direction throughout the day Leaves goals at apps recommended level. Exits app User opens app User receives alert that daily report iin User is preparing for week on Sunday evening when she receives the alert. Rea time Sees shes currently slightlyy out of her happy range User adujsts sitting until dots align and tap Progress tab Weekly progress User sees that her rst day was the worst and she has improved throughout the week, though she still sees a developing trend of poor posture at 2pm User taps month view Month view shows notice saying that after rst months data os collected, BackBone will identify sustained trends and habitsm which can be prevented by following the Real Time tracker and tips (4) Weekly Progress Report Timer disappea rs User strays from good posture Timer starts to ll up (1) Daily Progress Report User is interested in the Real Time tips, which she hadnt received yet User goes back to Real Time Tip alert activated around top dot, which provides details about raising computer to foster healthier posture habitUser given option to save tip in prole User saves tip and exits app 9:41 AM ProgressReal Time Real Time Prole BACKBO NE Weekly Progress Alerts Daily Progress Alerts Alert me after I have been sitting for.. Never 30 mins 45 mins 1 hour15 mins Never 5 mins 30 mins 1 hour 2 hours Keep alerting me to correct my posture every.. Real Time Progress 9:41 AM Prole DAISY DISCOVERY OUTCOMEOVERVIEW CONCEPT & DESIGNUSER RESEARCH USER JOURNEY We mapped out each personas journey through the app, following the paths from three points: emotional responses, digital interactions and digital responses. USER JOURNEY Based on the needs, wants and desires we discovered through the mapping process, we sketched out low wireframes, testing them before developing high wireframes. Using creative user tests, we were able to see how the users related to the wearable throughout the app.
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