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  • Nano-enhanced Disinfectants & cleaning Products

  • For millennia the world was just what we could see or observe.

    Now we can see more, perceive more, utilise more.




    Antibacterial NPs

    bacteria Nano Ag attachment


  • Why Nano?

    Nano-Silver has emerged as a “game-changing” technology for disinfectant products. Our proprietary

    surface-functionalized nanoparticles can be integrated easily, providing:

    • Enhanced protection. Silver nanoparticles mimic nature, acting as a natural shield against 99.9999%

    of bacteria and pathogens.

    • Selective action. Their tailored activity preserves a normal microbial flora in a highly hygiene


    • Long-lasting protection. Nanoparticles are not volatile, they adhere to surfaces!

    • Ecofriendly production rout and low eco-toxisity ensuring a green product character.

    • Competitive pricing policy.




    Current state of the art of nanotechnology in the cleaning industry

    • Several hundred companies worldwide already use Nano-enhanced cleaning products. Few years ago

    there were only a handful!

    • Nano-doped products are on the rise, it is estimated that 15% of the global consumer products will

    incorporate some type of nanotechnology be the end of 2015.

    • Statistics show that consumers are willing to invest in high-tech and efficiency

    • Nano is more efficient but not necessarily more expensive.



    Indicative nano enhanced disinfectant products

    • NanoSil™- 32 Broad Spectrum Surface Disinfectant • X-System™ - Nano-Silver Scent Elimination Spray • Lion Corporation - Look Kirei no Mist • Nanogist Co., Ltd.– NANOVER™ Disinfectant Spray/Hand Sanitizer/Wet wipes • Purest Colloids, Inc. - Hot Tub Silver™ • Sang Shin Industrial Co - Nano Silver Anti-bacterial Baby Bottle Brush • Skybright Natural Health - Surface Sanitizer • NanoPro – Colloidal Silver (CS10-500, NS100110, NA120110) • Anistel - Animal Health High Level Surface Disinfectant • TriGene ADVANCE - Lavender disinfectant

  • Products we have ready for you

    Ecoline: Ag



  • What we offer next to our products

    • Partnership branding.

    • Professional application support.

    • Comprehensive characterisation services.

    • Collaboration with certified laboratories (domestic and international).

    • Quality control for nanomaterials providers and customers.

    • Commissioned R&D for the development of state of the art nanotech solutions.

    • Collaborative research projects to develop and exploit nano-enhanced products.


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    P.O. box: 60148, 57001 Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece Spectra Business Center (Gefyra Paspala), 12th km Thessaloniki-Chalkidiki

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