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  • 1. The Mycelium Journey

2. These amazing people(+ Matthew & a couple elsewhere) unified andcreated a foundation of support that would allowme to pivot away from stasis toward re-claimingmy ideal life. I am an artist. With a projectCouldnt be more grateful to be brought together with sucha dynamic, talented, and empathetic group. 3. INTRODUCINGCatalyzing Creative Culture The Premise The Artist The Project The Web The Catalyst? 4. The Creative Sector has a vital role to play incultural development.Art impacts people who are not otherwise being reached,and impacts everyone in ways they are not otherwise beingreached.There is an urgent need for new sources ofinformation and diverse perspectives to addresscritical social issues. 5. So whats the ideal format?Citizens Journalism is defined as: Public citizensplaying an active role in the process ofcollecting, reporting, analyzing, anddisseminating news and information. (Hat Tip,Wikipedia)Performance Poetry is a synthesis betweenliterary and theatrical art forms.Unlike actors, spoken-word poets perform theirown original writing allowing their cadence andpresence to drive home the intention andcontext of the writing with no secondaryinterpretive filter.Note: Modern poets have assumed a bold posture withregard to artistic license, frequently speaking on topics rarelyrepresented in mainstream media and taboo issues otherartists are hesitant to address.Exposing audiences to uncommon truths is the currency ofperformance poetry. This makes it the ideal complement toCitizensJournalismthe union of the two practices isseamless. 6. This Guy: a veteran stage performer, educator,production coordinator, event producer, and social justiceadvocate, Graham Hackett fully comprehends the powerand potential of art as a cultural resource.After a very full decade traveling the country as aprofessional character actor in over 40 stage plays, Grahamapplied the techniques he acquired to perform his ownoriginal poetry.As a seasonedperformance poet whohas made hundreds offeatured appearancesacross the country, hebrings an authentic voice,refined technique, andpassionate delivery toevery word."The knock out fling was flung by Graham Hackett, who gives usa spoken word piece that will be long remembered. It is masterfulin both writing and delivery, in content and style.Show stopping..."- Jim Cavener, Asheville Citizen-Times Theatre Critic 7. Which is all great on paper but stepping into thisnew role in a truly immersive way, requires a deepdive.If Im to go public (in a very big way) as aprofessional artist, its mandatory that Imgrounded in a firm sense of self, acknowledgingmy faults and my powers in very clear terms.After a very full decade traveling the country as a professionalcharacter actor in over 40 stage plays, Graham applied thetechniques he acquired to perform his own original poetry.So the journey part of this endeavor begins,as project development continues. 8. Feels like this: 9. Already facing imminent threats from cripplingpoverty, when a family issue lands on my path Ichoose to step away from everything to regainperspective. Turned out to be a wise choice!Being entirely offline and fully engaged by thestunning beauty I encountered travelling acrossthe country, re-set my equilibrium.Anyone who thoughtlessly trashes the planethas clearly never SEEN it. 10. So BACK TO WORK. 11. The WEB: To exist in the modern world one musthave a web presence. Rallying allies and compilingmasses of information and media, www.loosidity.comis nearly complete.It struck me Ive done a lot of stuff.Before I can fully develop the CIVILIANproject, an inventory of my experience isparamount. 12. The WEB: Digital life is a dynamic and multi-facetedphenomenon. Even with an abridged cross-sectionof programs and platforms Im putting to use,there are a great number of places I need tointerface.Suddenly, Im flooded with learning newformats, urgent need for content, andpracticing networking strategies. 13. But its time Following the protocols of rapidprototyping Im rolling out a draft this comingmonth. After a dozen editsCIVILIAN is a quantum stride forward inthe field of edu-tainment, deploying fineart techniques with the principles ofcitizens journalism to create aninformative TED-style presentationspliced with dynamic poetryperformances.At the cutting edge ofthe emerging Artivistmovement, this uniqueproject engages anaudience with visceralaesthetics while addressingcritical social issues ofclassism, race, womensrights, juvenile justice andliving in wartime era.The CIVILIAN narrativeseeks to inform, uplift andinspire audiences toproactively engage socialjustice efforts andcelebrate the vibrantdiversity of our culturethrough sharedexperiences. 14. The Campaign is a springboard to makethis dream a reality.No shortage of TO-DOs here. 15. Im preparing to LAUNCH. 16. Deploying all of my skills as a performer,educator and coordinatorIm going to reachout as far and wideas possible with amessage of howcreativity,community-building,and empathy caninform our culturaldevelopment.And Im going to doit poetically.CIVILIAN is preparing to LAUNCH. 17. Join me?