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  • 1. Mybride Gallery ETR 300 Business Plan Prepared by : RohayuBinti Mohamed (2009205654) Noor FazlinaBintiAbd Raman (2009) SitiNorFatinBintiGhazmi (200911234) NorzulaidaBintiKamaruddin (2009) -D1CSII35A-

2. 1.0 INTRODUCTION In order to establish a company which is can compete with another company, there is exist a company which is given name as Mybride. Business plan of Mybride was prepared for entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, financial assistant providers, suppliers, customers and employees Mybride is one of the famous gallery at Kota Bharu. Mybride is a partnership company that consists of 4 partners. They are Rohayu Mohamed, Noor FazlinaAbd Raman, SitiNorFatinGhazmi and NorzulaidaKamaruddin. The nature of business in Mybride is about wedding services. It is located at Lot 222, WismaPuteri, JalanKebun Sultan, 15000 Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Mybride was established on 1 January 2008, set up in response to the Malaysian Governments invitation to several services companies to get more supportive from Malaysian.2.0 PURPOSE We have set up the objectives for Mybride to guide for decision making, organization efficiency and consistency, as well as performance evaluation. Objectives of Mybride are achieves the goals to develop our company to be a famous and well-known in Malaysia and other state. We have to make sure that our staffs are well train. Objective is the prime part of plan in Mybride because all the activities in Mybride are focused on these objectives. Mybride is established with its own goal which is want to expand our bride gallery to the international level so that it can be well-known and famous company that provide the best services for customer. Mybride will compete with another bride gallery towards developing attractive integrated commercial product and services which our customer can fully enjoy, such as latest fashion and designs of wedding package. We will generate more profits for the services provided by Mybride. To fulfill or realize the goal, Mybride has set up the necessary action to achieve this goal. In the future, Mybride not only will be in Malaysia, but also in Paris, London and other states. 3. 2.0 Company background Name of company: Mybride Enterprise.Address: Lot 222, WismaPuteri, JalanKebun Sultan, 15000 Kota Bharu,Kelantan. Telephone number: 09-7746472Fax number: 09-7746473Website: of Business: PartnershipMain activity: Wedding ServicesDate of Registration: 1 December 2010Number of Registration : KT0286609-K Date of Commencement: 1 January 2010Initial Capital: RM 120,000 (own) RM 130,000 (loan)Name of Bank: MaybankBhd 4. 3.1 LogoMybride name come out from the inspiration on the beauty and awesome bride on the wedding day. Mybride believe that everybody have their own dream and crazily about their wedding day. In that important day, everyone would like to be as a king and queen so that, the day will be the most historical day to be remember always. There, Mybride was establishes to make the dream come true. For people who want to serve themselves just come for us and we will bring the quality and the best services for them. Mybride logo are decorate with this design to give an exclusive look and prestige with the combination of the design and colours, Mybride believe that who come to this gallery may feel satisfied. Mybridelogos have several implicit meaning. There are: Woodwork cut in decorative pattern is to make the exclusive that also can bring the meaning luxurious and glamorous The colour of white to give look of services is the first class. The black colour of the background give meaning that Mybride offers affordable .prices to the customers based on their budget. 5. 3.0 Owners or Partners background. CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERName:RohayuBinti MohamedDate of birth:02 March 1991Place of birth:Hospital Besar Kota BharuAddress:D/A Kedai Kopi Nik Hassan, KampungKedaiBuluh, Jalan Kuala Besar, 15350 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.Interest:Reading BookQualification:BACC in year 2007 (Graduated in Uitm Shah Alam),Position:Chief executive officerSkills:1. A visionary and full of energy to drive towards success 2. Ability to manage employees efficientlyExperiences:Has 2 years of working experiences in a corporate company and worked as a finance department manager until she decided to pursue a business in this market.Details of the post: As the Chief executive officer of the company, this job requires the manager to set up the mission, vision and objective for the long term of the company. The Chief executive officer also needs to organize, motivating and to control of his down liner to be always on top of their job. 6. FINANCIAL MANAGERName:NorzulaidaBintiKamaruddinDate of Birth:7th May 1991Place of Birth:Hospital Besar Kota BharuAddress:KampungBatu 8, 16010 Kota Bharu, KelantanInterest:Makeup and Design, Singing.Qualification:B.ACC in year 2007 (graduated in UiTM Shah Alam),Position:Financial managerSkills:1. Very good accountability in doing his job. 2. A person with a broad view of management and corporation.Experiences:was an accountant for a very well known corporate company. She workedthere as an accountant for 2 years before she decided to be a business partner this project. Details of the post: As financial manager, the main job in this post is to record everything about finance of the company. This job also needs high experience of evaluating and decision making about finance. More important, the prediction of the future economic, with this ability, we can maintain our company financial better. 7. MARKETING MANAGERName:SitiNorFatinBintiGhazmiDate of birth:21 September 1991Place of birth:Hospital Besar Kota BharuAddress:KampungDalamPupoh, Linbat 16150 Kota Bharu, KelantanInterest:Reading Book, Play Volley BallQualification:Bachelor in Marketing (UiTM Shah Alam)Position: Skills:Marketing Manager 1. Able to market products effectively 2. Has a very good communication method 3. Very good in getting point acrossExperiences:A very experienced marketer . Before agreeing to this job,she was an assistant marketing executive at NESTLE for 2 years. His experiences are very valuable to Mybride. Detail of the post: As a Marketing Manager, the main role in this post is to gather sufficient and reliable information from the public and current events to ensure that theservice we provide meets their expectation. More importantly, marketing is an effective way to spread the word about the outstanding service that we provide. For one day, Mybride will be a major business in wedding services. 8. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGERName:Noor FazlinaBintiAbd.RamanDate of birth:7th September 1991Place of birth:Hospital Uni. SainsMalaysia,KelantanAddress:201, Jalan 1, Taman Sekamat, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.Interest:Sewing.Qualification:Bachelor in Accountancy (UiTM Shah Alam),Position: Skills:Human Resource Manager 1. Ability to find the right person for a job 2. Has a great conversing methodExperiences:Before joining this venture, she has worked as a human resource executive inCelcom Communication for 2 years Detail of the post: As a Human Resource Manager, the main roles in this post is to recruiting and interviewing new potential staff as well as orientate new staff, explaining job description, policy, and procedures of Mybride. 9. 4.1 PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT This agreement will bind the partners with the following aspects: 4.1.1 Types of Business: The business has been registered under the Register of Business using the name of MybrideEnterprise. This business is a company that generally offers wedding services. The service line of this company is bridal suit, canopy, photography and other services. 4.1.2 Capital: Each partner has contributed the capital as below: RohayuBinti Mohamed RM 30,000 Noor FazlinaBintiAbd Raman RM 30,000 SitiNorFatinBintiGhazmi RM 30,000 NorzulaidaBintiKamaruddin RM 30,000 4.1.3 Period of Partner Agreement: From the consent of all partners, we agreed that: They had to run at least five years (5) and partners are prohibited from dissolving the business without the consent of other partners resolutions to other partners. 4.1.4 Distribution of Profits and Loss: Every partner has belonging this business and the amount of the profit from this business as well. The partners will distribute profit according to capital distribution. Any losses will be liable among partner equally according Partnership Act 1961. 4.1.5 Perquisite: Any additional pay is to follow current profit and will be present in the end of annual financial report. 4.1.6 Partnership Property: Owned by the partnership and partners because it is not separate legal entity (Partnership Act 1961 S.22) 4.1.7 Death: The representive of the death partners can appoint to the business under the Malaysian Law. The close member s of the family upon the entire death partner share can make the transmission of the state. 10. 4.1.8 Bankruptacy or Dissolution of Partnership: a) When the partner is found lunatic, permanently unsound mind [Partnership Act 1961 S.37] b) When a partner permanently incapable of performing his part of the partnerhip contract [ Partnership Act 1961 S.37 ] c) When a partner calculated to affect prejudicially the carrying on the business [ Partnership Act 1961 S.37 ] d) When the partner willfully or persistently commits a breach of the partnership agreement or otherwise [ Partnership Act 1961 S.37 ] e) When the businness of the partnership can only be carried on at a loss [Partnership Act 1961 S.37 ]f) Whenever in any case circumstances have arisen which in the opinion of the court , render it just and equitable that the partnership be dissolve [Partnership Act 1961 S.37] 4.1.9 Retirement: If any partner who want to retire from the business must have consent from others partners. They will get back their invets and the notice of retirement must be given 3 months before the retirement date.4.1.10 Others: Each of the partners must act in good faith and respect other partners.