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1. OVERCOMPENSATING FOR HAIRLOSS IS INCREASING HAIR LOSS 2. Many hair loss sufferers are more concerned withhow the problem affects their existence than whythe problem occurred. It is very understandable.After all, yourself image impacts most aspects ofyour life socially and professionally and we live inan image-driven culture.We have a natural tendency to become defensiveand overreact to anything which threatens ourappearance. Hair loss is an obvious and severethreat to how we perceive ourselves. It causessuch insecurity some people may feel they haveno choice but to overcompensate for the problem.Unfortunately, they are falling into a trap andmaking the problem worse.In 1997, a scientist followed the lives of over 4300male hair loss sufferers. The purpose of the studywas to examine aspects of their lifestyle whichmay be causing or accelerating the hair loss. Theresults were very interesting. 3. Compared to men with a full head ofhair, these men were 32% more likelyto drink over 5 alcoholic drinks eachday. They were 151% more likely tosmoke cigarettes than men withhealthy hair. In general, these menwere 72% more likely to indulge indangerous habits like drivingaggressively and taking physical risks.Even more interesting were theindicators of health in these men. Theywere 25% more likely to suffer a majorinjury. Even worse, they were 76%more likely to have a heart attack. 4. Hormone imbalances occur naturally, but how we care for our body can turn a minor imbalanceinto a major problem. Smoking and drinking prevents the natural production of enzymes whichbalance and counteract testosterone. Even worse, risky and aggressive behavior forces the brainto signal the creation of more testosterone.These men were suffering from too much testosterone, yet lived lifestyles which promoted moretestosterone. Some men admitted they used aggressive behavior to feel more masculine andattractive. Other men acknowledged it as a self-punishment because of their disappointinglooks. In every case, a mans overcompensation for hair loss created an environment for greaterhair loss.Instead of overcompensating for your problem, why not try to solve it? Why not find a way toreduce testosterone and create a hormonal balance within your body? If that sounds like abetter solution than trying to make you feel better mentally, it is time to solve your problemnow. 5.